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25 Reasons Wegmans Is The Greatest Supermarket The World Will Ever Know

Not an exaggeration to say that this grocery chain is the single most compelling reason to live somewhere in the Mid-Atlantic U.S. This is not an ad, it's just how I FEEL.

1. Shopping at Wegmans is essentially a journey through a small, beautifully maintained, self-sustaining city.

2. The bakery turns out untold different kinds of bread, and they're all good.

3. The cheese selection is one of inestimable depth and breadth.

Bonus: inspirational cheese messages.

4. The olive bar is a vast land of mysterious allure.

5. The bulk candy section will restore your faith in everything.

6. The fresh subs are NOT messing around.

7. And the fish department may the most baller of all.

8. Even the sushi is good!

9. Desperately searching for some funky snack from a foreign country? Yeah, they'll have it.

10. They don't just have flowers; they have florists on hand to make any arrangement you need.

11. Nothing will ever be more delightful than using the DIY nut butter machines.

12. The generic store brand is usually cheaper AND better than the other options (of which there are many).

13. The bakers there can fulfill your wildest cake dreams.

14. Also available: culturally relevant cupcakes.

15. They get lots of their produce from local farmers.

16. And even run their own organic farm in upstate New York.

17. The people who work there legitimately love working there.

18. They're all up on the technologies.

19. They offer a wide variety of shopping carts.

Something for everyone.

20. The elegant restrooms are an IDEAL location for taking selfies.

21. You never have to explain how perfect it is to people who've been there, because they already understand.

22. Case in point: Cher raved on stage about her visit to the Wegmans in Pittsford, New York.

23. And this is what Alec Baldwin's mom said when he suggested she should move to California:

24. So then they both appeared in a bunch of Wegmans commercials.

25. For true believers, Wegmans is basically the equivalent of church.

But it's a church full of food, so.