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    13 Of The Best Things We Bought On Amazon In 2015

    Is it Prime eligible? Great, I'll take it.

    Amazon Prime is addicting AF. And in 2015, many of us here at BuzzFeed crossed over from casual Prime users to a bunch of lazy a-holes who basically never set foot in stores anymore.

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    Inspired by our empty wallets and this post, here are 13 of the best things from our purchase histories in 2015.

    1. Dim It Light Dimming Sheets β€” $8.49

    "I'm very sensitive to light when sleeping, so I try to keep my room as dark as possible. But somehow in 2015, my husband and I acquired several new electronics that cast off a ridiculous amount of light at night. These little sheets can easily be trimmed to fit things like cable boxes and DVD players and they don't interfere with remote control use. I definitely recommend to anyone who is being driven crazy by their glowing screens." β€”Rachel Wilkerson Miller

    2. ASICS Women's Studio Cleo Pop Barre Tights β€” $42.46

    "I somehow only paid $11 for these $75 workout tights in October (though at the time of writing they're back to $42) for my unicorn Halloween costume. They RULE β€” I wear them all the time to actually work out, when I kind of just assumed I'd never really wear them again after Halloween!

    More importantly, this purchase taught me to stalk Amazon when I want to buy new running gear because sometimes they have wild, unpredictable discounts for no clear reason and with no announcement or even indication." β€”Rachel Christensen

    3. Bamboo Duvet Cover ($89.99) and Sheet Set ($79.99) in White

    "I have no patience whatsoever for breaking in stiff, scratchy bedsheets, so I decided to try rayon linens (made from bamboo). They are so soft and silky without feeling synthetic at all. They also work in every season: cool and slippery in the summer and utterly cozy in the winter. The best part is that now my bed has that coveted crumply worn-in look that I like to call 'minimalist dreamy Tumblr bedroom aesthetic.'" β€”Peggy Wang

    4. Conair Battery Operated Fabric Defuzzer β€” $12.99

    "This gizmo makes a modest claim ('safely removes fuzz, lint & pilling') and BOY, does it deliver. The schmutzy little balls of fuzz that form on your softest sweaters? GONE. The patch on your nice coat that gets pilly where your bag brushes against it? SMOOTH AS A PUPPY'S TUMMY. Using the shaver is so effective and satisfying it has become a private passion; last winter I shaved my way through every sweater I owned while Netflixing the series run of Gilmore Girls, and eventually resorted to shaving my sweatpants and socks just to keep going. My only regret about this purchase is that I did not have more sweaters to shave." β€”Rachel Sanders

    5. The Ginger People Organic Ginger Juice β€” $24.56

    "This probably seems a little weird, but I love, love, love this pure ginger juice. You can pour in a shot when you're cooking to add really strong, fresh ginger flavor to anything, you can make truly delicious cocktails with it, or you can drink it straight, like I do. (I REALLY like ginger.)" β€”Sarah DiGregorio

    6. A Condom Subscription

    "Amazon has a subscription option for a bunch of products (cereal!) but the feature is especially useful for things that you always seem to run out of at the worst time, like condoms. You can get them delivered to you every month, two months or three months, depending on your personal ~frequency~. Learn more here." β€”Angelo Spagnolo

    7. A-Flowβ„’ Shower Head - 5 Function Luxury Large 6" β€” $18.95

    "This shower head is a total upgrade from the shitty shower head that came standard in my apartment. I didn't realize my old shower head was so terrible until I got this. Now I have that ~lux spa~ experience every time." β€”Lauren Zaser

    8. AmazonBasics Apple Certified Lightning to USB Cable β€” $7

    "After continuously having to replace flimsy iPhone chargers when they go all turtlenecky after like four uses, I bought this one on Amazon and it has lasted me almost a year and counting. It has withstood so much wear and tear and still works like new. It also arrived in less than 24 hours, because Amazon is run by wizards." β€”Julia Reinstein

    9. Set of Ball Storage Caps: Regular Mouth Jar & Wide Mouth Jar - 1 Package of Each β€” $12

    "Discovering that you can buy plastic lids for Ball jars in bulk on Amazon has seriously changed my leftover/organization/life situation for the better." β€”Justine Zwiebel

    10. Le Couvent Des Minimes Everyday Deodorant with Alum Stone, 1.6 Fluid Ounce β€” $15.50

    "I've tried just about every organic-y, aluminum-free, deodorant out there and this one I discovered on Amazon earlier this year is my current fav. It smells pleasant, but very light and refreshing." β€”Justine Zwiebel

    11. Kiwi SELECT Universal Shoe Stretch β€” $7.11

    "I bought a pair of leather boots that pinched my feet so much that I cried/bled. So in a last-ditch effort to keep the shoes, I bought Kiwi Shoe Stretch. You spray it on the inside of leather, suede, nubuck, or reptile skin shoes and it's supposed to gently stretch them to fit your feet. And now I believe in miracles, because IT REALLY WORKED!" β€”Victoria Chen

    12. Hemptique Bamboo Bakers Twine Black/White β€” $4.60

    "I got this black and white baker's twine on Amazon, and I seem to have a new use for it every day. During the holidays I used it to hang ornaments on the tree, add a decorative touch to my wrapping paper, secure cellophane bags full of homemade cookies, and string up strands of decorative ornaments around the house. It just keeps coming in handy around the apartment, and it has lasted forever!" β€”Sally Kaplan

    13. Rio Brands Sand Anchor β€” $9.99

    "CHAPTER I: In which I finally purchase a beach umbrella and am amazed (amazed!) by how long I spent going to the beach without one. It's sort of like your own private tree. It's so nice.

    CHAPTER II: In which I realize that on an even moderately windy beach, it's a huge pain in the ass to prop up a flimsy umbrella in the sand without it falling over or blowing away, and apologize profusely to several strangers for (repeatedly) almost injuring them with my runaway umbrella.

    In which I purchase this anchor, which you can use to literally screw an umbrella into the sand, and it works perfectly, as promised, and I am content."

    β€”Rachel Sanders

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