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19 Things All '90s Students From Newcastle Will Remember

Geordie Jeans: especially tight around the ass.

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1. Trying to fit in with the locals by buying a pair of Geordie Jeans.

And saying "Geordie Jeans: especially tight around the ass" in the style of Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer on Shooting Stars EVERY time you wore them.

2. Having the best ever nights of proper hands-in-the-air clubbing at Arcane and Hullubaloo.

Rachel Spencer / BuzzFeed

They shipped in the superstar DJs of the day, like Carl Cox, Sasha, Jeremy Healy, Alistair Whitehead, and Seb Fontaine. And when you got home, you carried on the party with The House Collection CD.

3. Going to gigs at the Riverside where they hosted Shindig on a Saturday.

Nirvana, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays, Pearl Jam, Faithless, David Bowie, and Oasis played here. It got so hot the sweat would drip off the ceiling, and no one gave a shit what their hair and make-up looked like.


5. Getting really giddy when you saw Ant and Dec (who were known as PJ and Duncan) around town.

Or anyone else from Byker Grove. Even Spuggie, bless her.

7. Knowing one person with a mobile phone, and it being the size of a brick.

Everyone else used a payphone when they were out and about, and you could always reverse the charges if you were really skint.

8. Queuing up to get your grant cheque at Student Services and having your fees paid for by the government.

But your loan barely covered your rent, so then you'd apply for another loan, and once that was blown, you had a face-to-face meeting with your manager.


9. Renting your telly, video, and washing machine from Radio Rentals.

Flickr: HazelNicholson / Creative Commons

Then sending the washer back to save all of £2.50 a month and doing your clothes in the bath instead.

11. Being able to go out on a tenner any night of the week.

Twitter: @Geordinho

You'd go to Ritzy on Monday, Planet Earth on Tuesday, Buzz and Bliss on Wednesday, The Boat on Thursday, and the Union on Friday. Weekends were reserved for resting or going to Luckies for a free half with every pint.

12. Downing as many £1.50 trebles as you could on The Boat then being sick over the side.

But mustering up the strength to carry on, having a cheeky hot dog off the BBQ, and hitting the revolving dancefloor.


14. Alan Shearer signing for Newcastle in 1996 and some prankster putting a huge Number 9 shirt on the Angel of the North two years later.

@turnipheadpic Alan Shearer shirt on the Angel of the North

How did they do it?!

15. The city being deathly silent the day Kevin Keegan quit as Newcastle United’s manager in January 1997.

Newcastle United fans mourn the resignation of Kevin Keegan 1997

It's a day you'll never forget.


18. Calling Alan Robson’s night owl show to sort out your problems.

Hey folks get your radio on and listen to the best show around Night owls with Alan Robson 10 till 2 sat till thurs:)

It was a good way to learn the meaning of words like radgie, gadgie, hadaway, charva, so you divvin look like a propa doylem. There's a full guide here.

19. Never, ever wanting to leave.

Flickr: HazelNicholson / Creative Commons

With a city as spectacular as this, who can blame you? Even 20 years on, you still get envious when new freshers start in September.