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    Reasons We'll Always Love Mandy Moore

    It's Mandy Moore's 29th birthday! Even though she isn't in as many rom-coms these days, she'll always hold a special place in our hearts.

    She gave us the perfect songs to belt out when we liked boys:

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    And songs for the not so great times in relationships:

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    She can pull off any hairstyle:

    She hosted MTV Spring Break 2003:

    She was Rapunzel:

    The laterns were for her:

    A Walk To Remember:

    Chasing Liberty:

    How To Deal:

    While she usually played the romantic lead, she could also play the mean girl:

    She toured with both *NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys:

    She is very passionate about making the world a better place:

    She loves cats:

    She has an amazing fashion sense:

    She's still making great music:

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    She still gets excited when A Walk To Remember is on TV:

    She's going to be in a television show with Ryan Atwood, I mean, Ben McKenzie:

    So happy 29th birthday Mandy!

    Stay adorable!