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    46 Things To Help You Slay In The New Decade

    Your 2019 has *nothing* on your 2020 look, mark my words.

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    1. A leopard midi skirt, because leopard *and* silky skirts are really having a moment, and there's no reason not to join in.

    2. A high-neck mesh shirt with fun shoulder ruffles you're gonna love a whole ~dot~.

    3. An OG pair of low-top Vans so you can finally dress like the skater chick you've wanted to be since first playing that Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Playstation game. Your middle school boyfriend is shook.

    4. An open-front shaggy jacket to prove once and for all that statement pieces *can* be comfortable! Throw this on over a basic white tee and instantly transform into the coziest fashionista of all time.

    5. A jewel-tone ruched dress, because whether this is the year you become an Instagram baddie or the year you go to a lot of elegant parties, this dress will be the perfect outfit choice.

    6. A neon beanie so your friends can always spot you in a crowd and strangers can always spot you as a fashion icon.

    7. Acetate tortoiseshell hoop earrings whose pop of color and modern design will have everyone feeling *green* with envy.

    8. A long-sleeved denim shirt that's sure to become a new staple in your wardrobe. "Yeehaw!" —You, trying this shirt on for the first time, finding that it fits perfectly.

    9. A six-pack of velvet headbands, because honestly one of the most positive developments that can happen in your life is becoming a Headband Person. I want this for you.

    10. A classic black turtleneck perfect for layering or being worn on its own with jeans or a fun skirt. I'll say what we've all been thinking: Steve Jobs was chic.

    11. Patterned mesh socks that, if I'm being completely ~transparent~, will be the coolest accessory you own. Your gray boot socks could never.

    12. Black high-waisted jeans, because every outfit needs a great base. These will be the perfect comfy-cool start to any fit you put together.

    13. A versatile wrap dress so you can finally master the day-to-night transition you've been reading about in magazines since you were 13. You'll *actually* be able to transition this dress from work to the club with just a swipe of red lipstick and heels.

    14. A velvet blazer that can be a part of a fabulous suit (um, check out these velvet pants) or as part of a casual everyday look. Yes, velvet blazers are considered casual this year, I'm writing it down and it's true.

    15. A black faux-leather laptop backpack to transport all of your everyday items in style. No shade to your elementary school JanSport, but it might be time for it to retire gracefully.

    16. A simple yet elegant gold necklace that's raising the *bar* for all of your other jewelry. Don this with literally anything for an added delicate touch (yes, that includes pajamas).

    17. A chiffon shift dress with crocheted sleeves so you can be a little boho any day of the week. Throw this frock on, tousle your hair, and voila! You're an influencer.

    18. A rose gold watch because it's about ~time~ you finally got one! I know, I know, you have a rose gold phone that also tells time, but is your phone a sophisticated accessory that *also* comes with a knotted gold bracelet? I don't think so!

    19. A tulle A-line skirt to bring out your inner ballerina. Totally normal to leap and twirl through the grocery store while wearing this beauty.

    20. A snakeskin co-ord set, because you famously only live once, and it'd be a shame not to spend it in something as extra as this.

    21. A ruffled polka-dot dress that'll be easy to throw on in a pinch when you need to look effortlessly cool ASAP.

    22. Super-flare jeans with lace-up detailing — if anyone had any doubts as to whether you were cool before, those doubts will be absolutely squandered after they see you rollin' around town in these bad boys.

    23. A fuzzy shearling zip-up that is sure to be the coziest thing you own. Who knew your childhood teddy bear was such a style icon?

    24. A super chill maxi t-shirt dress WITH POCKETS! Is there anything better than a giant T-shirt with pockets? That was a rhetorical question, and the answer is a resounding NO.

    25. A puff-sleeve mini dress to show off your shoulders like it's 1985. Love a puff sleeve — literally just tuck two little balloons into any sleeve and I instantly feel like the queen of the world.

    26. A printed pleated skirt that will flamin*go* with more tops than you think! This skirt comes in 45 funky patterns, so there's definitely an option for you and your own unique style.

    27. Ruffled, low-heeled booties sure to give you a ~frill~ every time you slip them on... which, let's be real, will basically be every day.

    28. High-waisted velvet leggings, because your legs deserve to be draped in luxury. Your dull errands just got a serious upgrade.

    29. A sherpa-lined parka with a slightly oversized fit to keep you warm and looking fly at the same time — a friend, indeed. My coworkers will absolutely not stop raving about this coat, and they are professional shoppers, listen to them.

    30. An agate stone pendant so you can give your friends the satisfaction of telling you that your new necklace *rocks*. Puns truly make the world go round.

    31. A belted faux-leather jacket, because The Matrix is a great movie, and I think we should choose to celebrate it with our wardrobe. I'm sorry (not sorry) to say that late '90s Keanu is the only thing on my mood board.

    32. A wool beret for giving your wardrobe a ~French twist~. Berets are painfully stylish, that's just a fact.

    33. A faux-leather jacket with belted detailing that...wait a you hear that? That's the sound of this jacket begging you to wear it every day.

    34. A long-sleeved boat-neck dress sure to ~rock the boat~ at the next cocktail party you attend. Sophisticated and lacy, this number will be your new go-to for fancier occasions all year long.

    35. A sheer floral applique top that is speaking to your soul. I can see right through you...and I know that you're in love with this transparent, flowery top.

    36. Wide-legged cropped pants because HOORAY! Roomy pants are in again. The permanent indents on the side of my skinny jean–wearing legs are rejoicing.

    37. Tasseled teardrop earrings that will bring tears to the eyes of anyone who sees them. Look at that stone detail. Truly a *tier* above the rest.

    38. Everlane day heels so you can FINALLY wear a pair of heels all day without being in pain. People swear by the comfort and wearablility of these shoes, with their elastic backs, pull-tabs, walkable height, and wonderful color selection.

    39. A striped sweater which — much to the chagrin of your coworkers — gives you the perfect excuse to sing the "Striped Sweater" song from Spongebob all day long. And it's snuggly to boot?! Win-win.

    40. A slitted maxi dress that looks fancy but is made of a soft fabric you'll be comfy in all night long — what a trickster!

    41. A big ol' pair of statement earrings that are both hearts *and* flowers, because More is always More, and that's the final word.

    42. A V-back eyelash sweater that stuns from every angle — the little butterfly kisses all over your arms are just another perk.

    43. A Susan Alexandra bag, because if your bag isn't going absolutely off, something is wrong. Life's too short not to carry the purse you dreamed about when you were 5 years old and never thought would exist irl.

    44. A cropped collared button-up to help you look effortlessly put together in no time flat. A fashion-forward minimalist look with minimal effort? I love living in the future.

    45. A belted jumpsuit for when you want to be the most fashionable person in the room. It's a big responsibility, so be sure to use it wisely.

    46. A *literal* cheetah print jumpsuit for taking a little walk on the ~wild side~.

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