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    32 Things Perfect For Anyone Who Likes To Rock A Strong Look

    Give 'em the old razzle dazzle.

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    1. A pack of hair clips so you can try out the trend at a not-too-high price point. I'm currently into clips not only for the style, but to at least *attempt* to grow out my bangs. Keep me in your thoughts.

    2. A metallic accordion midi-skirt to make any occasion you wear it to a party. Running to the store? It's an errand party! Depositing checks? It's a money party! Twirl it out!

    3. Chunky Chelsea boot heels to make any outfit a little bit more punk. The platform also lets you take advantage of a higher heel without the pain of a classic style.

    4. A pair of suede over-the-knee boots that's make you feel a little more powerful just by sliding them on. Who wears tall boots? Absolute bosses, that's who.

    5. An open-front shaggy jacket for adding some ~chill California vibes~ to your wardrobe. Throw this on and *voila,* you're an influencer.

    6. Fluide Universal Gloss to take your look to a place that's ~out of this world~. Give your eyes, cheeks, lips — wherever! — an iridescent shimmer worthy of approximately 5,000 selfies.

    7. A printed pleated skirt that comes in a stunning *29* fun patterns, practically guaranteeing there's one that speaks to you.

    8. A six-pack of velvet headbands, because honestly one of the most positive developments that can happen in your life is becoming a Headband Person. I want this for you.

    9. A moth mini dress that not only lets you look cool as hell, but also helps to scare off any of your natural predators such as bats, birds, and lizards.

    10. A pair of fishnet stockings perfect for throwing on under ripped jeans, with a crop top, or tbh under anything to make it a little more extra.

    11. Fenty Beauty's Gloss Bomb so your lips can make like Rihanna and shine bright like a diamond. All three shades look killer on all skin tones, and it's formulated with shea butter, leaving your lips feeling hydrated instead of sticky.

    12. Lace-back super-flare jeans for making the most of this Aquarius season. The super soft denim keeps the dramatic cut comfortable and wearable, so don't be surprised when these become your go-to pants.

    13. A vintage-inspired dress so you can channel Mad Men fave Joan Holloway's perfect style, wit, and fierceness in the modern day.

    14. A Rodarte x Universal Standard asymmetrical dress that with its tie detailing, asymmetrical hem, and dipping neckline, is a strong look all by itself. No need to look for the perfect pairings, this dress is a throw-on-go-out wonder.

    15. A wool beret for adding a ~French twist~ to any ensemble (I hope you read "ensemble" in a heavy French accent, as intended).

    16. Unique gold face earrings to show everyone that you're artistic in your use of accessories. They're also a great excuse to talk about Golden Face, Jim Halpert's starring role in Threat Level Midnight.

    17. Some tie dye leggings so your go-to errands outfit isn't snore-worthy. Time to retire the "groutfit" and look alive!

    18. A cropped ballon-sleeve sweater that will remind you of the adorable balloon house in Up. Oh I'm thinking about the opening scene. Oh no...NOW I'M CRYING!

    19. A Stila Stay All Day liquid eyeliner pen to keep your eyeliner on *point* and pair your out-there looks with a perfect winged eye.

    20. A rose gold watch, because nothing says ~*fashion*~ like wearing a gloriously shiny watch to finish your 'fit even though you have a phone that will 100% tell the time for you.

    21. A corduroy puffer jacket to give any outfit a little bit of a retro flair while still keeping you warm as can be. We love a fun *and* functional piece.

    22. An adjustable fedora, because LISTEN — fedoras can be cool. The wide-brim and thin belt elevate this fedora from "weird guy in a ska band" to "fashionista on the go," I promise.

    23. A white cowbow-esque heeled boot that puts the perfect fashion-forward touch on almost any outfit. I have these, so let me just scream at you for a second: THESE ARE ONE OF THE MOST COMFORTABLE SHOES I OWN!

    24. A floral embroidered dress with a sheer overlay and stunning two lengths. Pair with some floral perfume and people might think you're a literal garden.

    25. An oversized blazer because office-wear doesn't have to be boring. A wide lapel and cinched waist bring a much-needed update to the classic blazer.

    26. Benefit Lovetint cheek and lip stain, which will give your everyday makeup a little more pizazz. Give your look some life with one all-purpose, sheer-yet-buildable formula.

    27. Patterned mesh socks that, if I'm being completely ~transparent~, will be the coolest accessory you own. Your gray boot socks could never.

    28. A patterned maxi skirt — wow my legs feel freer just by *looking* at a photo of this skirt. This is your key to an outfit that's equally comfortable and cool.

    29. A pack of velvet hair scrunchies to use in your hair or just keep stacked on your wrist from now until the end of time.

    30. A mesh polka-dot top with ruched sleeves that certainly is a more statement-making piece than your go-to mock-neck tee. Dare I say, a bold upgrade.

    31. A literal leopard-print jumpsuit so you can take a little walk on the ~wild side~ — and a spin and a kick and a little dance while you're at it, since you're in a jumpsuit.

    32. A pair of faux leather pants, because it's never too late to become That Kind of Person. Listen, leather pants are a STATEMENT and one that I tbh like to make, sue me.

    Have fun unveiling your strong looks, bbs!

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