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    32 Things That'll Bring A Bachelorette Party To A Whole New Level

    Everything you need to make your bachelorette party a night you (hope you) won't forget.

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    1. A set of koozies to keep your drinks cold but your accessory game fire.

    2. A 16-pack of face masks that's big enough for even the largest of bridal parties (if it's even possible to have 16 close adult friends).

    3. An ice luge to make libations go down a little smoother. Is this a bachelorette party or the Winter Olympics? Because y'all's luge skills are on point.

    4. A rose gold Bluetooth karaoke microphone because it just wouldn't be a party with your friends without Jessica busting out a rendition of "Ironic."

    5. A set of handy drawstring bags to fill with things like aspirin, vitamins, makeup remover, and breath mints to bring you back to life after the fun is over.

    6. A set of two mini Chambongs so you can toss back sips of champagne faster than you can say "I do."

    7. The Voting Game, a card game that makes fun out of intimately knowing your friends' personalities. Oh, you've all been getting along super well? Let's see what happens when you have to vote on who's friends with someone they'd rather be dating.

    8. An enamel pin set — the bachelorette party may come and go, but tricked out denim jackets are forever.

    9. Speedo-clad drink markers — you can tell the firemen to go home. These will be enough to quench your ~thirst~.

    10. An engagement ring pool float because — little known fact — the lyric "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it" was actually written about your butt and this float. True story.

    11. A bridal twisty straw that will prove once and for all that everything tastes better out of a wacky straw.

    12. A veiled flower crown so absolutely E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E you encounter during your night out knows exactly who to bow down to.

    13. Light up rings that shine bright like, well...a diamond.

    14. Some matching "Bride," "Bridesmaid," and "Maid of Honor" robes so you can all lounge about in style during your at-home spa night.

    15. An engagement ring piñata to fill with prizes, little liquor bottles, undies — anything you want! Not to mention it's a great way to relieve some tension if party drama comes to a head.

    16. A squishy penis that is just adorable enough to not be a weird party favor and honestly so cute everyone will be tempted to put it on their desks.

    17. Or a fun pair of squishy boobs, second in softness only to the real thing.

    18. A satin bridal sash that'll really let everyone at the bar know about your future plans — a congratulatory round, please.

    19. A custom pom-pom sun hat, because the adorable group Insta-moments aren't going to make themselves, people.

    20. A pack of lip balms to keep everyone's lips soft, even with the wind hitting them when you're sticking your heads out of the limo at 4 a.m.

    21. A ten-pack of satin sleep masks so everyone can get their beauty rest — even if you're all packed into an Airbnb you SWEAR looked bigger online.

    22. An incredibly sparkly wine tumbler to keep all that pinot contained no matter how rowdy the night gets.

    23. Some fashion tape to keep in ~the girls~ while dancing with your actual girls.

    24. A mini memory book for jotting down memories and inside jokes and saving photos. Just make sure to tuck it away deep in the closet if there are ever any kids at your house.

    25. An Instax camera with accessories so you can snap, snap, snap away and instantly have some awesome keepsakes. We all know you're not going to print out the photos you take on your phone!

    26. A duo of aerating wine glasses to elegantly swirl as you enjoy the ~bouquet~ of the bride's favorite bottle.

    27. A BuzzFeed Tasty Dessert cookbook so you can save a little $$$ by trading store-bought treats for decadent homemade ones.

    28. A game of Prosecco Pong because there's no game that can't be improved by the addition of champagne.

    29. A pack of teeth-cleaning wine wipes to seamlessly transition from the afternoon wine tasting to dancing at the club like it's no big deal.

    30. A small portable charger so you can avoid dreaded dead phone batteries. We're not losing anyone tonight, no siree!

    31. Custom invitations so you can set the tone early that this is going to be one killer party.

    32. Some matching shirts because you know these f•r•i•e•n•d•s will always be there for you.

    Don't worry, your life doesn't end once you're married. But that doesn't mean you can't party like it!

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