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    28 Things For Anyone Stressed Out By Work To Keep At Their Desk

    I'm definitely *not* coloring while on this tense work call, how dare you even suggest such a thing.

    1. A mini fan if you constantly find yourself pulling at your collar asking people "Is it hot in here? It's SO hot in here," but really it's just your blood boiling.

    2. A mini coloring book so you can sneak in some relaxing coloring time whenever you need to take a little break and take your mind off things.

    3. A basic cardigan to shield yourself against your arch nemesis: the office AC.

    4. A pair of blue light–blocking glasses if eye strain from the computer has been causing you both literal and figurative headaches.

    5. A weighted lap pad that's like a mini weighted blanket — put it on when you feel flustered and it may help you stay calm and grounded.

    6. A cactus humidifier so at least your skin can relax a little, even if your mind is still racing.

    7. A scalp massager, because you may not be able to duck out and get a real massage in the middle of the day, but this should do the trick.

    8. Some affirmation cards so you can remember how bright and brilliant you are, even as the weight of capitalism slowly crushes you.

    9. A baguette wrist rest if you suspect all of your stress has been caused by wrist pain and a lack of visual carb humor.

    10. A Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Man, because his erratic motions looks how you feel inside.

    11. A supply of squishy animals so you can relieve stress one little *boop* at a time.

    12. A pretty hand sanitizer if your coworkers REFUSE to work from home when they're sick and are coughing up a storm around you. Rude.

    13. A set of colorful compliment pencils, because your boss may not be giving you the praise you deserve, but these pencils sure will.

    14. A Two Minute Mornings journal so before your unbelievably hectic day, you can at least have a few peaceful minutes to yourself.

    15. Pretty file folders to keep what's normally a tornado of a desk looking and feeling more organized.

    16. Or a cascading wall organizer if you really want to be extra about your tidiness.

    17. A foot hammock so even when your top half is hard at work type-type-typing away, your legs can be in full vacation mode.

    18. Eraser putty, because you might not be able to get away with having Silly Putty at your desk without some sideways looks, but this is the next best thing.

    19. A calming plant print to remind yourself of your happy place: your greenery-filled apartment.

    20. A time timer so when you feel overwhelmed, you can have a visual representation of the passage of your day. These can help you with time management during meetings, daily projects, and specific tasks, especially if you have a tendency to get distracted.

    21. A handy checklist for anyone who has a hard time prioritizing important tasks with a packed schedule.

    22. An essential oil migraine relief stick to stop stress headaches in their tracks and keep them from slowing you down. YES you need to find a more long-term solution if you're that stressed about a job, but this will do for now.

    23. A pack of Gelly Roll pens so your personal notes can be squiggly and colorful like they were in fourth grade. Nobody has to know.

    24. A lumbar support pillow to make your eight hours of sitting time a whole lot more comfortable. Phew, what a relief.

    25. A personalized photo calendar so you can momentarily transport back to joyous memories with your fam in between tense meetings.

    26. A tin of camomile herbal tea that will encourage you to slow down and enjoy a warm, relaxing, caffeine-free treat.

    27. A sloth air plant holder so you have a little buddy to encouragingly smile at you as you toil away.

    28. And if all else fails, a giant bag of mini candies so you and your coworkers can at the very least enjoy some good old fashioned stress-snacking.

    Good luck with your stressful job! But maybe...look for a new one? 😬

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