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    28 Pieces Of Clothing From Amazon That Are Perfect For The Office

    Work it, girl!!!!

    1. Classic dress pants that your parents will be SO proud that you finally own. Plus, these are so stretchy, they won't even feel like a constrictive pair of dress pants.

    2. A velvet button-down sure to make you hum "Blue Velvet" all day long at your desk. (Sorry, coworkers!)

    3. A high-waisted flare skirt for adding a little *flair* to your 9–5 look.

    4. A ruffle-sleeved shirt because you don't become the most stylish person in your company without ruffling a few feathers.

    5. A sassy v-neck wrap dress that will empower you to write a passive aggressive email, beginning with "Moving forward..."

    6. A checkered blouse I'm hereby entitling "Company Picnic."

    7. A fitted dress whose fun all-over print will give that old copy machine a run for its money.

    8. A velvet dress with mesh sleeves so that you can win the office superlative for "Best Dressed."

    9. A v-neck blouse Pam Beasley 100% owns in every color.

    10. A bell-sleeve dress that Karen in accounting will definitely be jealous of.

    11. A sleek blazer you can pop on over any outfit to make it a little more ~profesh~.

    12. A beaded, bell-sleeved top sure to to inspire a new masterful painting: Girl with a Pearl Blouse.

    13. Levi's high-waisted black jeans if your office is cool with some classy denim OR if you just feel like breakin' all the rules!

    14. Slim dress pants that are the epitome of streamlining — they're even pull-on, eliminating zipper- and button-closure time. You're the picture of efficiency!

    15. A polka-dot button-up to match your spot on job performance.

    16. A midi-skirt whose pockets (YES, POCKETS!) are perfect for storing all of your illicit, stolen candy from the reception desk.

    17. A pair of bootcut trousers that SCREAM "synergy," "collaboration," and "bandwidth" — all the work words.

    18. A soft knit cardigan to keep you warm in your too-cold office. Your five-year plan? Hanging this baby on the back of your chair until 2024.

    19. A hi-lo wrap dress perfect for serving up some workplace-appropriate curves and showing everyone who's boss.

    20. A patterned tie dress you'll want to wear everyday, making outfit selection a cinch.

    21. A scalloped lace top for making yourself a shining beacon of color in your gray on gray on gray workspace.

    22. A sophisticated pencil skirt. Who said being a "pencil pusher" couldn't be fashionable af?

    23. A vintage-inspired a-line dress to match that "Reach for the stars!" inspirational poster hanging in your boss's office.

    24. A flowy maxi that will secure your position as the Stevie Nicks of the office.

    25. A bodysuit blouse you can wear with a cami at the office, or without one for a night out on the town. Ow OWWW!

    26. A wildly-popular vintage-inspired dress for when you feel like having an old fashioned soda pop during your break.

    27. A pretty printed button-up you can def spill coffee on without anyone really noticing.

    28. A peplum shirt that will make all of your coworkers absolutely green with envy.

    Make office style guru Kelly Rajnigandha Kapoor proud!