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    26 Stylish Tops For Anyone Who Just Wants A New Top

    It's called treating yourself — look it up!

    1. A fitting but stretchy off-the-shoulder number that'll flow seamlessly into culottes or skirts for an elegant vibe you'll totally own in any occasion.

    2. A cozy waffle knit top you'll be hard pressed *not* to buy in every color — because your wardrobe this winter should feel like your own super soft cocoon!

    3. A casual striped tee that'll look equally cute lounging by the fireplace or out last-minute gift shopping — you know it's gonna happen, and you'll want something roomy and comfy to sprint around the stores in, trust.

    4. A flirty caged peplum top to throw on whenever you need a reminder of what a badass you are — date night won't even see it coming! 🔥

    5. A Reese Witherspoon-approved* ruffled blouse that'll tuck perfectly into your favorite pair of jeans for the perfect, no-effort-but-incredibly-elegant look.

    6. A romantic lace-trimmed sweater featuring a pretty bow tied at the nape of your neck, because sweaters deserve to be just as dressed up as your blouses!

    7. A fitted flared-sleeve number with plenty of stretch to its form — and not to mention, it can be dressed up or down in a snap. Test it out, I dare ya.

    8. An embroidered beauty that won't leave you ~strapped~ for funds afterwards — so you can spend it on awesome gifts for other people like the selfless person you are...ok, and on gifts for yourself.

    9. A gorgeous ombre v-neck tee to upgrade your burgeoning tee collection with a little bit of ~punch~ — it's like your second grade class project, but it looks way better.

    10. A lovely checkered top that'll be easily to layer up with and comes with a cute bow that you can also do without, if your lewk calls for it — versatility is its middle name.

    11. A relaxed-fit velvet tee you'll be tempted to wear multiple days in a row — to which I say, go for it — because something this good doesn't follow any fashion expectations.

    12. A back-bearing sweater fully responsible for the prolific use of the phrase "party in the back" — it has no regrets.

    13. A cute wrapover top that won't compromise style over comfort, which is really what we're all looking for in this life.

    14. A silky bow tie blouse to make you look extra polished, even when you're feeling a little rough on the inside (Mondays...through Fridays, I'm looking atcha!).

    15. A darling ballet-inspired wrap top made out of the softest ribbed knit material known to man. Or just to me — but either way, it's just so darn pretty.

    16. A graphic tee unlike your other ones — no band logos or cheesy quotes here, just tasteful designs like big waves and slightly broken sequin hearts (go along with it).

    17. A flirty ruffled open-shoulder top that'll pretty much be a Christmas *and* Valentine's gift to yourself — 'cause if you're not gonna be generous with yourself, then what are you even doing?

    18. A dainty embroidered tee blossoming across your shoulder — because even though you don't have a green thumb, you'll be damned if your wardrobe doesn't!

    19. A semi-sheer velvet floral dreamboat waiting to be ~showered~ with love and compliments, by you and everyone else. It needs a strong support system to be its best self.

    20. An asymmetrical chiffon blouse that'll hang low but'll always, always aim high — it's determined to make you "best dressed" in the office.

    21. A versatile solid *or* windowpane-style cropped blouse for endless pairings with all of your high-waisted jeans, trousers, skirts — it requires a lot of wear and attention, just sayin'.

    22. An off-the-shoulder boho-inspired blouse ready to up the cute factor for every single outfit you don with it. Solid top? Don't know her.

    23. An adorable cactus tee that'll want to hug your body, contrary to popular belief — it's often misunderstood due to its pricks, so it's up to you to show it some love!

    24. A lace-trimmed camisole you'll be pulling off the rack for just about every outfit. Think of all the layering possibilities! Hello, flirty and thriving!

    25. A charming striped knit you can definitely find filed under "cozy as can be" in the winter fashion dictionary.

    26. And a fanciful lace thermal top whose favorite song is definitely "Baby, It's Cold Outside." Except it'll actually dare to venture outside — any excuse to cuddle up with you!

    Now all that's left to do is STRUT YOUR STUFF.

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