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    31 Sweaters That'll Make Everyone Ask, "Where'd Ya Get That?"

    You know what? I truly hate the cold. But I'm trying to be a more optimistic person, so I will say this: AT LEAST WE CAN NOW WEAR SWEATERS.

    1. A classic collar sweater perfect for mornings when you've rolled out of bed super late, looking like a mess, and SURPRISE! You need to be at work in ten minutes.

    2. A v-neck velvet chenille sweater available in a multitude of fun colors! But most importantly? It's available in black. Be still, my dark heart.

    3. A turtleneck sweater best accessorized with a hot cup of caffeine, a page-turning thriller, and a day spent doing absolutely nothing else.

    4. A cowl neck sweater complete with an asymmetrical hem and POCKETS, people. If this isn't already on your Christmas wish list, then there is no hope for you.

    5. A knitted twist back sweater capable of making those leggings and snow boots look ~slightly~ more dressy. And yes, I have already added this to my cart. Thanks for asking!

    6. A cropped sweater (complete with a gorgeous lace-up back!) that is basically the soulmate to your high-waisted jeans.

    7. A slightly cropped chenille sweater for a slightly sporty look, even though (HAHAHHAHA) you don't ~do~ sports.

    8. A velvet pullover because the holidays are approaching and we allllll know that comfy + put together is a very difficult look to achieve. But with this pretty little thing, it's possible!

    9. A knitted jumper that will have you ~feline~ yourself every time you put it on. Please, save the knee slapping for the end of this post.

    10. A high-neck sweater for shoulders that don't mind being a little exposed. They just want to let loose, okay?

    11. A crewneck sweatshirt featuring ME. Surprise! A cherub has written the post you're currently reading!

    12. A balloon sleeve sweater you'll likely want to tie down. HEAVEN FORBID it floats away...

    13. An asymmetric duster cardigan that is the kind of article of clothing your sibling will likely want to steal. If I were you, I would try my best to keep it safe. Hide it in your underwear drawer, perhaps?

    14. An oversized sweatshirt designed exclusively for cotton headed ninny muggins. Or, you know, for anyone who has watched Elf an unhealthy amount of times.

    15. A high neck sweater to keep pumpkin spice season alive in both your wardrobe and in your heart. Peppermint mocha is fine, but it's not a PSL.

    16. A cowlneck tunic with over 3,000 (!!!) positive reviews. I'm not saying your life will be incomplete without it per se, but..

    17. A quarter zip sweatshirt made with plush, ridiculously soft faux sherpa worthy of a standing ovation. "Where have you been all my life?" I crooned in my best Rihanna impersonation.

    18. A strappy back sweater complete with gold ombré detailing because you know what? If you're having a lowkey NYE this year, you should still add some sparkle to your ensemble.

    19. A striped sweatshirt you can pair with your favorite denim, some red lipstick, and voilà! You are now the Pinterest-ified version of Paris street style.

    20. A scoopneck sweater you'll probably want to stock up on. Buying it in all 13 available colors? You know what, do it! Life is too short to be spent making logical decisions.

    21. A mockneck cable knit sweater that looks like it would be into romantic ice skating dates + hot chocolate rendezvous. It has very likely been worn by a main character in a Nicholas Sparks story.

    22. A pullover hoodie infused with water from the fountain of youth. Wearing this can, for example, allow you to continue well into your 70s.

    23. A fuzzy v-neck sweater featuring cozy knit material with frosty shimmer. To subtly sparkle 24/7 or to not subtly sparkle 24/7 — that is not even a question.

    24. A rib knit jumper you can tuck into high-waisted denim + you'll be ready for that birthday dinner you didn't want to go to. Bonus points if you pair that combo with some block heel booties!

    25. A mockneck sweater made from a cozy yarn material sure to turn you into an outfit repeater with pride. Once you've had the best, you'll refuse to wear anything else.

    26. A circle hem tunic tailored specifically for leggings. Underwear lines showing through thin material? No longer a problem because this top will cover that little dilemma RIGHT up.

    27. A pullover sweater that I plan on hibernating in this winter. Fair thee well, world. I'm about to catch up on some much-need sleep.

    28. A crewneck pullover sweater you can pair with just about any darn bottom. Pro tip! Tuck it into a mini skirt, add some booties, and voilà! You now look like you tried.

    29. A cashmere crewneck to trick the world into thinking that you aced AP French in high school. Did you? Nope! But who has to know?

    30. A cowlneck striped sweater made from a chenille material that is really cozy, meaning you'll never want to take it off. You now live in this sweater and I hope you have a happy, healthy life together.

    31. A knit sweater you'll fall in love with almost instantly. I guess you could say you'll only have ~eyes~ for it.

    On my way to purchase more sweaters, knowing damn well that I already own too many, like:

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