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    23 Wardrobe Basics From Amazon You'll Actually Want To Add To Your Wardrobe

    The kind of garments you could wear every darn day. Go ahead. Repeat that outfit with PRIDE.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A long-sleeved t-shirt that has the word "basic" written all over it. In National Treasure-approved invisible ink, of course.


    Price: $16 (available in sizes XS-XXL and in five colors)

    2. A lightweight racerback tank top made from a moisture-wicking fabric, AKA it won't make you feel even sweatier than you already are.


    Price: $10.99+ (available in sizes XS-XL and in 18 colors)

    3. A denim jacket that you will wear from now until the end of time. To infinity and beyond. Until the cows come home. Until pigs begin to sprout wings and fly. / Via @ridersbylee

    Price: $32.99+ (available in sizes 1X-3X and in two colors)

    4. A chic bodycon dress stolen from the closet of Victoria Beckham. You know, from her Posh Spice days.


    Should I wear the little Amazon dress, or should I wear the little Amazon dress?

    Promising review: "This dress is absolutely gorgeous! It's not too loose or too tight. I got so many compliments on it! Ladies, get this dress β€” you won't be disappointed." β€”Sharon

    Price: $19.99+ (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 18 colors)

    5. A ribbed open cardigan you can throw on over any darn outfit for a look that is both stylish and warm. Chilly season is back, folks!

    Price: $42.99+ (available in sizes XS-XL and in eight colors)

    6. Skinny jeans with a fantastic mid-rise design AKA the waistband on these beauties will sit ~right~ below your natural waistline.


    Price: $25.75+ (available in sizes 14-24 and in three colors)

    7. High-waisted leggings made from a super soft, buttery material that will have you saying, "I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY'RE NOT BUTTER!"


    Price: $39 (available in sizes 1X-3X and four colors)

    8. A tunic top that can be worn with practically anything in your closet. Leggings? Check. Jeans? Check. Pajama pants? You know what, CHECK.


    Price: $5.99+ (available in sizes S-5X and in 29 colors)

    9. A midi cocktail dress you'll want to wear to that next fancy AF event that you (sadly) RSVP'ed to. You may not want to be out, but HEY! At least you'll look great.,

    Price: $32.99+ (available in sizes S-3X and in 14 colors)

    10. Scoop neck t-shirts made from a super soft material (100% supima cotton) that will stay soft β€” even after being thrown in the wash 907 times.


    Promising review: "These are probably the best t-shirts I've ever purchased, and I am a true t-shirt connoisseur). The length is perfect, the fabric is just right (not too thin or thick), and the fabric has just the right amount of stretch. Plus, the neckline is also perfect and not too deep...and I'm pretty busty, so that's important." β€”beth1307

    Price: $20 for a pack of two (available in sizes XS-XXL and in 16 colors)

    11. A crewneck dress with pockets (!!!!) that will basically feel like an extension of your coziest, most beloved sweatshirt. Just pair this with some over-the-knee boots to become the epitome of ~fashun~.


    Price: $12.99+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 40 colors)

    12. Ankle leggings with a tiny compartment that, like Gretchen Wiener's hair, can hide your biggest secrets. And by biggest secrets, I mean your phone and keys.


    Price: $15.08+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 37 colors)

    13. A high-waisted midi skirt designed for excessive twirling. Now get your phone out, pal, because it is time for a BOOMERANG.

    Price: $18.98+ (available in sizes S-XL and in 14 colors)

    14. A pencil skirt guaranteed to make any outfit look sharp. (Excuse the terrible puns, it's been a long week.)


    Price: $12.80+ (available in sizes S-XL and in 21 colors)

    15. A vegan leather jacket that will literally never go out of style. A plain white tee + your favorite jeans + this jacket = rockstar chic.


    Price: $59.99 (available in sizes XS-L)

    16. High-rise skinny jeans you shouldn't even fold and put in your dresser. Just leave them there, on the floor. You'll likely be wearing them again, for the 407th time in a row, tomorrow. / Via @levis

    Price: $30.83+ (available in sizes 24-34 and in 14 colors)

    17. A zip-up hoodie made from the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives β€” 100% cotton, baby.


    Price: $8.82+ (available in sizes S-XXL and in 10 colors)

    18. A sleeveless blouse that can be worn underneath a blazer (ooo, so professional) or worn BY ITSELF. It is obviously adorable enough to be worn as/is.


    Price: $29.50 (available in sizes XXS-XXL and in two colors)

    19. A down jacket because the entire cast of Game of Thrones was not exaggerating when they said that winter was COMING. And with it? FRIGID WEATHER THAT HURTS YOUR FACE.

    BUT DON'T FRET! This down jacket will keep your feeling super cozy and warm.

    Price: $99.99 (available in sizes XXS-XXL and in five colors)

    20. A fleece crewneck sweatshirt so cozy and so soft, you'll never want to take it off. If you're looking for the perfect couch potato attire, this is it.


    Price: $5.95+ (available in sizes S-5X and in 44 colors)

    21. A keyhole crewneck for anyone who has been on the hunt for the perfect "I'M GOING OUT TONIGHT" top. Your hunt is over. This is it.


    Price: $29.68+ (available in sizes S-XL and in two colors)

    22. An asymmetric duster cardigan that is the kind of article of clothing your sibling will likely want to steal β€” so just try to keep it safe!


    Price: $12.99+ (available in sizes XL-5X and in six colors)

    23. A splurge-worthy shapewear tank because seeing the outline of my bra underneath a bodycon dress = not ideal. BUT HAVE NO FEAR! This top will give you lines smoother than Bruno Mars.


    Seeing the outline of my bra underneath a bodycon dress = not ideal.

    Price: $40 (available in sizes XS-3X and in two colors)

    New Line Cinema

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