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    36 Holiday Gifts For Couples Who Have Been Together Forever

    Happy one millionth holiday season together. ❤️

    1. A photo book so you can finally bring your memories down from the cloud and into your hands. These are perfect for organizing memories old and new and are basically guaranteed to bring forth a few happy tears.

    2. A New York Times crossword puzzle book for flexing your combined vocabularies. You can finish each others' sentences, but can you finish each others' puzzles?

    3. A cooking class at Sur La Table that'll expand their cooking repertoire and just be dang fun. Whether it's "Artisan Breads at Home" or "Chocolate 101," they'll have a blast learning new things and maybe employing them next holiday season!

    4. A personalized ring engraved with anything and everything they love. Anything from your kids' names to the name of their favorite dessert is an option.

    5. A ridiculously soft mulberry silk eyemask so they can finally sleep soundly instead of being kept awake by you scrolling on your phone late into the night.

    6. A custom couple's portrait to cherish forever and always — just like each other!

    7. A beautifully illustrated write-in menu book so they can record and remember all of their impressive dinner party menus through the years, starting with this holiday, perhaps!

    8. An Aarke carbonator, because you've personally seen them blow give or take one million dollars on canned seltzer since you met them. No judgement, but the habit could maybe use an upgrade!

    9. Fog of Love, a role-playing board game that lets you act out the trials and tribulations of relationship ~drama~ in exaggerated romantic comedy fashion. Mix things up a little bit without *actually* mixing things up a little bit.

    10. A uniquely shaped wine decanter — you two didn't think wine could taste much better after switching from $5 to $10 bottles, but this gift is here to prove you both wrong.

    11. A leather messenger bag for carrying their laptop and work accoutrements in style. It's time for company-issued black polyester bag to retire anyway.

    12. Or an Osprey commuter bag for the boo who bikes to work — a fun and noble undertaking that will require a backpack that looks as cool as they do.

    13. A rain shower head so they always feel like they're bathing at a five-star hotel. P.S. There's DEFINITELY room for two under there!

    14. A ticket stub diary to preserve memories of all of your favorite outings together. Now you'll always have the receipts to prove you saw Parasite 11 times after it came out.

    15. A set of Table Topics for couples. It may feel like you know everything you could possibly know about each other, but these fun conversation starters are sure to give you guys some new #content!

    16. A leather-cloth boxed set of A Song of Ice and Fire, because at this point it looks like Game of Thrones is going to be their life-long obsession and they'll be in need of a collection they can be proud of.

    17. A bathtub caddy so they can luxuriate in the tub with a glass of wine, a book, or even an episode of their favorite show. Pro tip: after holiday stress, set this up to surprise them! Instant swoon.

    18. A three-piece luggage set that's great on its own *or* with a note about a romantic getaway you have planned in the coming year!

    19. Touch screen leather gloves lined with a cashmere blend so they can not only feel like they're living the life of luxury, but *tweet* about their gorgeous gloves even while they're on their hands.

    20. An Instant Pot sous vide immersion circulator, because their culinary curiosity knows no bounds. This tool is the key to cooking almost any kind of food to the perfect temperature, but also...the key to their heart.

    21. A waterproof Kindle Paperwhite that's perfect for both everyday use and vacation! Whether they're caught in the snow on the way to the car or catching some pool-side rays on a future romantic getaway, they'll always have their favorite books by their side.

    22. A shimmery shift dress so they finally have a new outfit for New Year's Eve. Their go-to silver skirt is awesome, but it's been worn no less than five years in a row.

    23. A golden set of measuring cups and spoons, because their signature chocolate chip cookies deserve a gold metal. This is like giving them *eight* gold metals (and is a sure-fire way to score more cookies).

    24. A scratch-off map so you can document your many journeys together and look forward to all the ones you still have left to go.

    25. A personalized whiskey decanter that has their name written all over it.

    26. A merino and cashmere beanie to keep their precious head not just warm, but luxuriously warm. Well deserved.

    27. A Bodum french press, because it's been 5ever since you bought your starter french press when you first moved in together. Time for one with a non-broken handle!

    28. A pair of cozy memory foam slippers to make lazing about the house on Sunday mornings together even more enjoyable.

    29. A sweet pair of XO earrings so they always have a little smooch and hug from you wherever they go.

    30. A Cuisinart waffle maker that will take your weekly at-home brunches to the next level. Whipped cream hearts, activate!

    31. A smartphone vase to make their bedside table a little more joyful. Now when their alarm goes off every morning they can wake up and smell the roses!

    32. A mistletoe Homesick candle that might help to keep the ~spark~ alive in more ways than one.

    33. A soft-as-can-be eyelash sweater, because you bought them a ton of sweaters in the beginning, but hey — that was a while ago now! You need a new, soft headrest for when you start to doze off on their shoulder watching TV.

    34. A Winc subscription so they can have wine delivered to their door catered *perfectly* to their preferences. For added gifting panache, throw a towel over your arm and have them taste a tiny sip of each bottle like a waiter at a fancy restaurant. Then they can have the satisfaction of slowly nodding their approval.

    35. A pair of leather Lacoste sneakers to elevate their go-to tee, jeans, and sneaks outfit a bit.

    36. An Aerograden because, although they're are SO caring in SO many other ways, they have kind of a brown thumb. Help them cultivate delicious herbs — and boost their plant bb confidence — with this brilliant gift!

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