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    32 Winter Dresses For Anyone Who's Already Tired Of Wearing Pants Every Day

    Bravely rejecting pants no matter the temperature.

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    1. A Peter Pan–collar skater dress so you can rock your natural Wednesday Addams vibe FAR past Halloween.

    2. A flannel dress, because a flannel shirt just doesn't give you enough of The Best Fabric Ever.

    3. A bamboo blend side-tie dress soft enough to elicit a sigh of comfort whenever you put it on. Good luck *not* hugging yourself in this long-sleeved beaut just as an excuse to rub the fabric.

    4. A fiercely studded bodycon dress to arm yourself against the coming cold. Me: "Don't say it, don't say it, don't say it..." Also Me: "Winter is coming."

    5. A plaid tunic dress that's comfortable as can be — an important factor when deciding what to wear to a holiday cookie bake-off.

    6. A ribbed turtleneck dress, because it's finally been proven once and for all that turtlenecks are appropriate for ~going out~. Rejoice!

    7. A mini dress whose bows make you look like a lil' gift. Pair with black tights to become a LITERAL stocking stuffer.

    8. A long-sleeved maxi that will finally give you an excuse to get that "Thanks, it has pockets!" tattoo you've been wanting for so long.

    9. A sparkly sweater dress, because you shouldn't have to choose between comfort and glam ever, but especially during holiday party season.

    10. A floral wrap dress so you can let a little pop of color peek out from under your black coat every now and then.

    11. A long-sleeved dress available in floral prints to bring a healthy dose of spring optimism to the six-month nightmare that is winter. Sorry, negativity isn't going to get us anywhere. Winter's great!

    12. A long-sleeved swing dress with deep pockets to store your wealth of candy canes and gumdrops.

    13. A vintage-inspired midi dress Mrs. Maisel would love, seeing as it's certainly marvelous!

    14. A super stretchy cashmere blend dress, because you don't have to be Tom Haverford to strive to be a cashmere-velvet candy cane.

    15. A plus-size velvet cocktail dress with a plunging neckline and faux wrap to let *just* enough leg out to play without threatening to untie. Fa-la-la-la-la la-Va-Va-VOOM!

    16. A slitted maxi so you only have to shave ONE leg during your long winter hibernation.

    17. A caped mini dress to accurately convey that you're the guardian of yuletide cheer.

    18. A star-studded maxi dress so you have the perfect outfit for the winter solstice party you've been looking forward to all year.

    19. A plaid babydoll dress that'll certainly upstage any dress worn by an actual doll Santa leaves under the tree.

    20. A plus-size body-con belted sweater dress for all the joy of wearing a comfy sweater without the annoying reality of having to also wear pants.

    21. A floral maxi so that you FINALLY have something to wear to a winter wedding that you wouldn't also wear to a funeral.

    22. A textured midi dress for channeling the simple, elegant beauty of falling snow.

    23. A pleated fit and flare dress Mrs. Claus totally rocked back in her single days when she was just a teacher named Jessica trying to figure out this crazy thing called life.

    24. A ribbed turtleneck sweater dress with a waist tie Shiv Roy from Succession would 100% wear on a private jet — a compliment if I've ever heard one.

    25. A velvet midi dress perfect for going caroling! You're totally going to rock the solo in "Good King Wenceslas" this year.

    26. A plus-size mock-neck skater dress with cute mesh detail and shoulder cutouts. Pop on a jacket to avoid a literal ~cold shoulder~ outside, but in the warm indoors, let those shoulders breathe!

    27. A ruffle-necked sweater dress for serving chic RBG realness all season long.

    28. A cowl-neck drawstring dress for staying cozy as can be as you enjoy a night in by the fire.

    29. An embroidered velvet shift dress with dramatic sleeves sure to make this winter ~groovy~ indeed.

    30. A cheery pleated dress that comes in a stunning 36 patterns so you can wear your new favorite dress every day for a month and ~no one will know~.

    31. A crop overlay sweater dress with all the adorableness of a two-piece set with none of the adjusting. A gift that keeps on giving!

    32. A corduroy overall mini dress that should come with plastic pointed ears and a tiny hammer, because you're gonna look like the cutest elf in the biz.

    Hooray! You don't have to rock a Christmas Story lewk to stay warm this year!

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