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    23 Of The Most Comfortable Pieces Of Clothing From Madewell

    OK, pretty much *everything* from Madewell is comfy and cute.

    1. A soft cotton cardigan perfect for spending some time on the porch on chilly spring nights. I have this and wear it whenever I want to feel *extra* cozy, which these days is every day.

    2. A linen-cotton jumpsuit that fully says "Yes, I grow my own vegetables and I do it all in this adorable outfit."

    3. A pair of super stretchy demi-boot jeans to give your denim collection a little bit of ~flair~, literally. I basically lived in a pair of these jeans for two years and felt like I was wearing leggings the whole time.

    4. A linen V-neck dress you can throw on as an easy-breezy outfit. Pair it with delicate jewelry or just some house slippers — truly up to you.

    5. A striped T-shirt dress to remind yourself that wearing pants is almost always optional.

    6. A classic white tee, because you can never ever have too many, in my opinion. And if you love it, check out the other cute colors!

    7. A short-sleeved sweatshirt so you can keep rocking your daily sweatshirt uniform well into spring.

    8. A pair of drawstring shorts for lending some vacation vibes to your typical look.

    9. Curvy high-rise jeans — I know you're thinking I'm off the rails by saying skinny jeans are comfortable, but if you haven't tried Madewell skinny jeans, you are in for a TREAT! So stretchy. So soft. So good.

    10. A crocheted sweater for the weird in-between months when the weather can't decide if it's hot or cold. I also give you full permission to tell anyone that you made this yourself. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    11. A Madewell x Parachute pajama set, because I can't think of another collab that could produce more comfortable PJs. At last, the two masters of coziness unite.

    12. Some shorts with a stretchy elastic waistband that are still 100% acceptable to wear everywhere all the time. This one goes out to anyone who misses soffe shorts.

    13. A crisp white button-up — my mom has always said "there's nothing better than a crisp white button-up," and I simply have to agree.

    14. A tie-dye tee for anyone who openly invites more ~grooviness~ into their life. Hopefully we have that in common.

    15. A pair of dad jeans, because apparently mom jeans were NOT baggy enough. In this case, maximum denim = maximum comfort.

    16. Striped paperbag pants — listen, wearing a "bag" is the most comfortable thing I can think of, and this is a darn cute way to do it.

    17. A flowy button-up that'll look killer with just about any bottoms. French tuck it into jeans, pants, shorts, or a skirt, and you're good to go.

    18. An embroidered folk top I especially recommend for anyone who's been baking bread lately. It just looks right.

    19. A pair of maternity jeans, because if you're pregnant you are the MOST deserving of pants that don't feel terrible — tons of reviewers agree that these are The Ones!

    20. A striped sweater tee, because you shouldn't have to choose between your two favorite genres of clothing. This is — sing it with me — 🎶the best of both worlds🎶.

    21. Drapey track trousers that manage to be comfy *and* look majorly put together. You CAN have it all.

    22. A striped pull-on jumpsuit so you can kick and spin about without being restricted in any way. Yes, this is a quality that is important to me when picking my clothing.

    23. A plaid ruffle-sleeved shirt that's practical with a touch of whimsy. I don't know about you, but I for one love looking like a nice, sentient picnic blanket

    How ya feelin' in all your new Madewell clothes?

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