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    We Own And Love These 13 Products And Think You Will Too

    Liquid lipstick, WFH essentials, goodies from your new favorite Etsy shops, and so much more.

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    Our first recs are from Kayla Boyd, an editor with a killer sneaker collection and a passion for bold '90s fashion. *Sigh* I miss seeing all of her amazing outfits around the office!

    kayla boyd

    1. Liquid Matte Lipstick from The Lip Bar, a Detroit-based cosmetics company making the makeup industry more inclusive one stellar, eye-catching, long-wearing lippie at a time.

    kayla in a pinkish purple matte lipstick

    2. A Gold Chain Necklace from BaubleBar to effortlessly add a touch of casual glam to your everyday look.

    kayla wearing a short, thick gold chain

    3. Iconic Sticker Sheets from Stylish Sista on Etsy for decorating every surface in SIGHT. Laptop! Phone! Computer! Walls! That's right landlords, you heard me — walls.

    a lizzo sticker sheet and a nicki minaj sticker sheet

    4. A Charleston Sweet Tea Candle from Southern Elegance Candle Co so your entire home can smell like crisp, cool summer memories.

    Charleston sweet tea candle in glass jar

    On Kayla's wishlist right now? A too-cool-to-be-true mesh dress, a tee with a very important message, some vibrant liquid lipsticks, and a sassy and comfy tie-dye crop top and skirt set.

    Now for some picks from Heather Braga, our resident Disney expert who I've rarely seen without a delightful seasonal Starbucks beverage.

    heather braga

    5. A Mani Box from Olive & June to step-up your at-home manicure game. You've got some time on your hands — might as well use it to perfect your nail painting skills.

    on the left heather's fingernails painted cheery colors, on the right the 7 summer nail polish bottles

    6. A witchy graphic tee from Femfetti on Etsy, because Spooky Season lasts all year long if you just believe.

    heather in a t-shirt reading "support your local witches"

    7. A beaded bracelet (or two! or five!) from Designed in Neverland on Etsy to jazz up your wrists with colorful beads you can pick out yourself.

    pastel beaded bracelets, one with a mickey mouse head–shaped bead

    On Heather's wishlist right now? Some Rifle Paper Co–designed floral Keds, Disney-inspired coffee beans, a glam iridescent keychain, and a "I'm Fine, It's Fine" cross-stitch kit, which is...mood.

    Katy Herman's picks are next! Katy is the only person I know who can speak with equal expertise on Taylor Alison Swift and anime, and I think that's something to really celebrate.

    katy herman

    8. Whimsical Socks from Sock Candy, because your feet absolutely deserve to express themselves loudly as they please.

    katy in blue and pink leopard print crew socks surrounded by other sock candy pairs

    9. A Taylor Swift Enamel Pin from TheFieldsSupply on Etsy for anyone who still hasn't emotionally recovered from the release of Lover.

    enamel pin illustrated with a street sign at the cross of 16th ave and cornelia street

    10. A Rainforest Animals Puzzle by Mudpuppy so you can take a break from looking at the bleakness that is your phone and stare at some cute, colorful little animals instead.

    teal rainforest animal illustrated puzzle

    On Katy's wishlist right now? A Howl's Moving Castle enamel pin, some dazzling seahorse earrings, a sticker of Elle Woods at her most confident, and some purple lipstick from The Lip Bar.

    And last but not least some products from Sam Tomaszewski, our local social media expert — every single photo I see of her apartment is jaw-droppingly cool, so I'd buy any decor she told me to, tbh.

    Sam Tomaszewski

    11. The Be Gentle, Be Kind Hair Care Pack from Briogio that clarifies and revives dehydrated tresses with a nutrient-rich, vitamin-packed formula — not to mention it smells *chef's kiss* fantastic.

    large bottles of yellow shampoo and conditioner with 2 other briogeo products

    12. A foldable desk from Wayfair so you finally have a designated space for working from home instead of sitting hunched over everywhere from your couch to your bed and back to your couch again.

    sam's desk with a spread of colorful accessories and a laptop

    13. A New York City Map Print from Archie's Press so you can gaze upon a beautifully rendered layout your favorite city everyday, whether it's NYC or any other of the cities Archie's Press offers.

    framed map of new york city

    On Sam's wishlist right now? Any of the luxurious candles from Harlem Candle Co., the newest skincare creation from Glow Recipe, a dreamy pair of platform sandals, and a super soothing clay mask.

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