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    21 Of The Best Places To Buy Candy Online

    I don't have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth.

    1. Dylan's Candy Bar is an iconic destination for all things sweet. From colorful candies to a wide array of chocolate treats, it feels like Dylan's has just about everything.

    2. Cratejoy has a variety of candy subscriptions that will keep a steady stream of the good stuff coming straight to your door month after month after month. From Japanese candy to classic treats, there's a perfect box for any sweet tooth.

    3. Godiva has been serving super craveable chocolates since 1926. Their decadent and beautifully wrapped bars, truffles, dipped strawberries, and cocoa make excellent gifts for anyone (including yourself)!

    4. Mouth makes small-batch, indie candy makers more accessible online, and boy am I glad! Explore their selection of unique and exquisite candies and chocolates to get a glimpse into what's up-and-coming in the world of small-batch confections.

    5. Amazon has everything, including SO MUCH CANDY! Order bulk servings of your classic faves or something that's hard to find near you irl. Surprise! You could have been buying candy on Amazon this whole time.

    6. Candy Club is the cutest candy subscription box around. Just choose your desired size and have a difficult conversation with yourself about sweets vs. sours before filling out your candy profile. Get ready to feel like Wonka himself with scheduled candy deliveries.

    candy subscription box with assorted jars of snacks inside

    7. Old Time Candy lets you relive the golden years when candy cigarettes were chill and you weren't so concerned about your dental health. Chomp down on some old school favorites to remember why these classics have stood the test of time and are still being produced today.

    8. See's Candies has been a staple of the sugar community since 1921 and earns their way into the hearts of every new generation with a selection of classics executed to perfection.

    9. Walmart has secretly been a CANDY superstore all along. Expand your mind and shopping cart beyond what you'd expect to find at the checkout and explore their bulk bag options that until now you'd only been dreaming about.

    10. Sugarfina is hands down the most Insta-worthy candy store. Their signature candy "bento boxes" allow you to pick from a wide variety of yummy, colorful candies and almost look too good to eat.

    11. Cost Plus World Market allows even the most seasoned traveller to find something new with their selection of international sweets and American go-tos. Strolling through the candy aisles of a World Market is one of life's great pleasures, and lucky for us, we can get that same thrill online.

    12. Uncommon Goods has — aptly — a ton of uncommon candies. They have delightfully surprising treats ranging from planet lollipops to wine gummies, but also have gourmet goods too good not to splurge on.

    13. Bon Bon Bon's incredible chocolates are all handmade in Detroit. They offer classic flavors such as Pudge Frownie (translation: fudge brownie) but are more well-known for creative offerings like Strawberry Balsamic and High Tea. There's truly a bon for everyone (unless you hate tiny chocolate packages of joy).

    Assorted bon bons

    14. Squish is the gummy emporium of your DREAMS! Imagine any gummy candy: yeah, Squish probably has it. They even have vegan options — a rarity in the gummy world.

    15. Zingerman's Candy Manufactory is just one corner of the Zingerman's empire, but oh so mighty. They make old-fashioned candy bars and sweets by hand that are so ooey-gooey, chewy, and delicious, you want them to last forever.

    16. Hello Sweets! is a Tonawanda, New York-based local candy shop with novelty selections, nostalgic selections, mystery boxes, and even a category for TikTok favorites, if you're hopping on the candy train from your favorite viral videos.

    17. Boxed is best known as a bulk grocery delivery service, and if you're a consistent candy lover who needs your home stocked up with your favorite sweets delivered at a steady pace, it's worth it to give it a try.

    18. Williams Sonoma is known for their assortment of stunning kitchenware, but they also sell tons of delicious treats to satisfy the sweetest of teeth. Mint-chocolate lovers know what I'm talking about.

    19. Goldbelly sells tons of tasty food from all sorts of people and places. They offer a wide variety of candy kits from various sellers, so you can support some smaller businesses and relish in your sugar high.

    20. The Penny Candy Store is aptly named for its affordable prices of your favorite penny candies of yesteryear. You can purchase anything from a single piece to a bulk bag of nostalgic sweets, all without breaking the piggybank.

    21. Vosges Haut Chocolat crafts chocolates that truly look too good to eat. That is, until you remember all of the unique flavors and textures that await you, which'll promptly make you dig in.