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    These Secret Netflix Codes Will Help You Find The Perfect Movie To Watch This Valentine's Day

    Whether you're single or not.

    Looking for something to do this Valentine's Day? Then you should immediately try out Netflix's secret codes (shhh!) to find the perfect movie to watch!

    If you're not familiar with Netflix's secret codes, they are hard-to-find categories that are usually very specific or niche — even more so than what you see when you're logged in and browsing for something to watch.

    See below to find your perfect movie match and make sure you grab the popcorn:

    Use code 502675 for Romantic Favorites

    The cover of Romantic Favorites with "Always Be My Maybe" on it

    Use code 9257 for Romantic Tearjerkers

    The cover of Romantic Tearjerkers with "All the Bright Places" on it

    Use code 3329 for LGBTQ+ Romance

    The cover of Romantic LGBTQ+ Movies with "The Half of It" on it

    Use code 81495 for Movies for Hopeless Romantics

    "Almost Love" movie cover

    Use code 114328 for Gal Pal TV Shows

    The cover of the section with "Firefly Lane "

    Use code 36103 for Quirky Romance

    The cover of Quirky Romance with "The Wrong Missy" on it

    Use code 2708690 for Love Hurts

    The cover of Love Hurts with "Nappily Ever After" on it

    Use code 35714 for Feel-Good Romantic Movies

    A photo of playing for keeps as the cover

    Use code 7940 for Romance Dramas based on Books

    The cover of Romantic Dramas based on Books with "The Guernsey" on it

    Use code 3186 for Romantic Teen Comedies

    The cover of Romantic Teen Comedies with "Tall Girl" on it

    Use code 29281 for Steamy Romance

    The cover of Steamy Romance with "Valeria" on it

    Use code 76385 for Romantic Love Triangle Movies

    The cover of Romantic Love Triangle Movies with "The Wrong Missy" on it

    Use code 81233168 for Love and Dating Reality TV

    The cover of Love and Dating Reality TV with "Married at First Sight"

    Use code 81236278 for Twisted Romance

    The cover of Twisted Romance with "Doctor Foster" on it

    Happy movie watching!