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Experts Answer Questions About Our Cat's Strange Behavior

Have you wondered why your cat goes crazy at random times? So do we! We sat down with some of Purina's experts on animal behavior to help you once and fur all better understand your cat.

What Personality Does Your Dog Have?

Dogs are each unique and special. We spoke with Ragen T.S. McGowan, Ph.D — a senior behavioral scientist at Purina — to create a quiz that will help you better know your canine companion.

11 Things You Can Do To Bond Better With Your Dog

Dogs are a human's best friend, and every friendship requires some T.L.C. Purina wants your life to be better with pets, and this info will help to make you and your pups bond even better!

Why Everyone Needs A Dog Right Now

Dogs make our lives better, so why don't we challenge ourselves to do the same for them?

10 Ways You Can Tell Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Friends are people who do stuff together anytime and anywhere at all. If that defines your relationship with your dog, then you understand that pets and people are #BetterTogether.

11 Reasons Cats Are Actually The Perfect Companion

No one's going to argue that dogs are great companions, but cats have our backs too. Here are some cats who do just as much for their humans as we do for them—which is why pets and people are #BetterTogether.

10 Reasons Nothing's Better Than Coming Home To Your Pet

Life can be tough. Thankfully, you've got a furry face to come home to—and they have yours. Sharing your home is just another way that pets and people are #BetterTogether.

8 Places That'll Treat Your Dog As Well As You

Humans aren't the only ones who deserve a little R&R. Your dog has to deal with a ton of stress, too. Like when you vacuumed the living room last week. Here's some places you and your canine companion can experience a vacation that'll be #BetterTogether.

9 Toys You And Your Cat Can Both Enjoy

Laser pointers might not be as fascinating to you as they are to your cat—at least once you're out of middle school—but these activities will have you both entertained for hours. Or at least until it's nap time. (But taking a nap with your cat is just another way that people and pets are #BetterTogether.)

The 8 Most Important Times Animals Saved Humans

We've all heard a tale or two of someone sticking his or her neck out for a pet—but what about when they've done the same for us? These inspiring stories just go to show that pets and people are #BetterTogether.

11 Reasons We Could Never Live Without Dogs

It's often been said that dogs are man's best friend. The truth is, they're more than just friends. Like you do, Purina understands that pets and people are #BetterTogether.

10 Reasons Pets Are The Best Coworkers

Turns out nine times out of ten, your pet would probably make a better coworker than just a plain ol' human. Find out just how well pets and people work together by celebrating National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 21. Pets at home are great, but #PetsAtWork is even better.

10 Reasons You Wish You Could Take Your Pet Everywhere

Friends are great and all, but pets make even better companions out there in the real world. Here's a few reasons why. And even if you can't bring your pets everywhere, for one day you can experience what it would at LEAST be like to have your #PetsAtWork. Celebrate National Bring Your Pet to Work Day on June 21.

7 Unexpected Places You Can Bring Your Pets

You may be under the impression that your pets have to stay at home when you head out to certain places, but there are plenty of places you can bring them. We know pets and people are better together—so what better way to celebrate it than on June 21—National Bring Your Pet to Work Day? And if you can't enjoy #PetsAtWork every day, here's some other places you can.