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10 Ways You Can Tell Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

Friends are people who do stuff together anytime and anywhere at all. If that defines your relationship with your dog, then you understand that pets and people are #BetterTogether.

1. You don't mind doing even the most mundane of activities together.

2. You don't even need anyone but each other to have fun.

3. Just having each other around brings a smile to your face.

4. You do everything together.

5. You're there for each other, even when no one else is.


6. You always go everywhere together (as long as it's not the vet).

7. You can only get to sleep when you're together.

russteaches / Via Flickr: 89119745@N00

8. You help make each other's dreams come true.

9. You'll always make time to listen to each other's feelings.

10. You can't hide anything from each other.