The Walking Dead Vs. BuzzFeed

We bravely ran the zombie obstacle course at “The Walking Dead Escape” during Comic-Con. And by “bravely,” I mean that we screamed like tiny children. Here are the embarrassing GIFs to prove it.

1. This Is Man Hathaway (A.K.A., Gavon), BuzzFeed’s Danger Pussy

2. This Is Tanner, BuzzFeed’s Gentle Giant

3. Gavon And Tanner Both Ran “The Walking Dead Escape,” A Massive, Zombie-Infested Obstacle Course At San Diego’s PETCO Park (That’s Where The Padres Play Baseball) To Celebrate The 100th Issue Of “The Walking Dead”

4. It Wasn’t On The Field, But In The Stadium Itself, Winding Through The Stairways, Tunnels And Concession Areas

5. An Estimated 15,000 People Ran The Course Over Two Days, With Almost 100 People Volunteering To Be Made Up As Zombies

6. The Zombies Hid Behind Corners And Underneath Props, Lunging At You As You Ran By

7. If They Touched You And Left A Bloody Handprint, You Were “Dead”

8. Zombies Were Everywhere And They Were Unrelenting

9. This Lady With The Severed Head Was Very Tenacious And Chased Us Through The Entire Course

10. Fancy Footwork Was Required

11. Even Though It Was All In Good Fun And There Was No Real Danger, They Did A Great Job Of Scaring The Bejesus Out Of You

12. There Was No Place To Hide

13. Fortunately There Were Snacks

14. Cat-Like Agility Came In Handy

15. Especially When Scaling Walls

16. This Was A Lot Of Fun

17. So Let’s Watch It Again In Reverse

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