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Poppy Izzard • One year ago

How James McParland Was Your Weekend?

Discover how James you truly are

Poppy Izzard • 2 years ago

13 Inspiring Roald Dahl Quotes Guaranteed To Brighten Your Day

Words of wisdom from the master of gobblefunking, in honor of his centenary.

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago

13 Of The Most Glorious Made-Up Words From Literature

Calling all droogs and munchkins!

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago

20 Times Patrick Stump Was The Cutest Celebrity On Twitter

"If you are what you eat then I'm mostly cereal." Literally same.

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago

Which Classic Jacqueline Wilson Duo Are You And Your BFF?

You may remember some of these characters from your childhood - but who did you and your BFF grow up to be?

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago

8 Books All Britpop Fans Should Read

Sometimes the stories of the individuals behind the music were as compelling as the songs themselves. Add your recommendations in the comments! Thumbnails (c) NME.

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago

25 Things All Airport Employees Know To Be True

It can be a struggle working at the airport, as you spend the day crying about all the holidays that you’re not going on, but it has its perks. Thumbnail (c) BBC.

Poppy Izzard • 3 years ago