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20 Times Patrick Stump Was The Cutest Celebrity On Twitter

"If you are what you eat then I'm mostly cereal." Literally same.

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1. When he dished out awesome life advice:

The world can suck, sure. Mostly though it's a blank canvas. If you want to see something brighter in it, you might have to add it yourself.

2. When he teamed up with Ed Sheeran to give us this potential dream collaboration:

@edsheeran What was the name of our nu-metal band going to be? I forget. Maybe we should start a different one instead.

3. When he made the :D face acceptable:

I'm happy and comfortable with my obliviousness...but mainly because I don't notice it. :D

4. When he gave thanks:

Dear St. Patrick, thanks for the name. I happen to like it. Sincerely, Patrick.

5. When he subtly let us know what we'd order him at Nandos:

6. When he was (sort of) humble about his past achievements:

Man. Listening to Folie for some reason. This record was pretty decent.

7. When his sass was adorable:

8. When he gave us a healthy dose of daily positivity:

Hope everyone's having a marvelous day. And if not yet, there's always time to turn it around

9. When he spoke for all of us when we're a bit camera-shy:

10. When he literally made you say "Aww!"

@ryanscoke I wish I could be as calm and nice as my dad and as brilliant and thoughtful as my mom.

11. When he couldn't remember his literary bathroom activities:

@_stumpyfied I don't know if I've ever written on toilet paper.

12. When he gave @HesitantMikey a hesitant reply:

@HesitantMikey That is quite kind of you

13. When he made the case for gingerbread:

@soulpunksangel But ginger bread is so tasty!

14. When he broke our hearts by suggesting that emo wasn't that good:

Rolling Stones' "Paint It Black," on the radio. They were way better at emo than emo was.

15. When he had no tolerance for homophobia:

New unilateral rule: Anyone who uses the word "Faggot," in a tweet to me, or in their twitter name gets blocked. Lay off the LGBT folks.

16. When he took the time to give genuine advice for when you're struggling:

@idixtmgc A) Hi. B) Hang in there. C) You're totally not alone, most of us deal with something like this. D) Let yourself shine

17. When he showed his appreciation for the other kindest celebrity online, Taylor Swift:

@savannahmc13 @taylorswift13 Yes; Brave and interesting. I've always been a fan.

18. When he perfectly understood your sleeping habits...

3:00am: "I don't need to set an alarm. Lobby call isn't til 3:00pm. I'll surely be ready to leave by then." 3:10pm: "Wow. I just woke up."

19. And your eating habits:

If you are what you eat then I'm mostly cereal.

20. And finally, the only time he ever let us down was when he didn't reply to this incredible pun:


Stay wonderful, Patrick!


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