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10 Lessons You Should Learn From Sigourney Weaver Movies

Sigourney Weaver is a sci-fi queen who knows how to kick butt. You can learn a lot from her. Watch her break barriers—all while leading her family and the country—on “Political Animals” Sundays at 10/9C on USA.

9 Inspirational Quotes From Independent Women Who Kick Butt

All these amazing women have a similar message: We are women, we are powerful, and we are proud. In USA Network’s new Limited Series Event "Political Animals," Sigourney Weaver plays the ultimate modern-day woman: a powerful, passionate and complex former First Lady and current Secretary of State. Watch her break barriers—and into the boys’ club of American politics—on the "Political Animals," Sundays at 10/9C on USA.

5 Really Crazy Things Reporters Have Done To Get A Scoop

No one ever said getting the scoop was easy; sometimes, journalists have to go to extreme lengths in pursuit of a story. In USA Network's new Limited Series Event "Political Animals," Carla Gugino plays a tough, ambitious reporter hounding the Hammonds, one of America’s most powerful political families. Catch her in action on the premiere of "Political Animals," Sundays at 10/9C on USA.