17 Stupid American Jokes About France That'll Make The French Say "Merde"

    Are you from Paris? Because you're driving me In-SEINE.

    1. In case you missed it, the Internet just loves making fun of France.

    2. Its language.


    4. Its vocabulary.

    5. Its pronunciation.

    6. Nothing is safe.

    7. Their translation choices are fair game.

    8. And their obsession with bread really cracks us up.

    9. Isn't it funny when the same word means two entirely different things in two different languages??? HA HA HA HA HA

    10. Their food is generally the butt of many jokes.

    FRANCE: we're fancy WORLD: ok FRANCE: a fried ham sandwich is our national lunch WORLD: FRANCE: a fried ham sandwich with an egg is its wife



    13. UN ŒUF = ENOUGH. HA. HA. HA.

    14. Some of these are really too good.

    15. And some are so bad they're good.

    16. But even though we give the French a lot of slack...

    17. We'd never forget that French truly is the language of love.

    So thank you, France, for putting up with us.

    This post was translated from French.