27 Confusing Photos Which Will Make You Cringe, Then Laugh

    This is gonna get weird, folks.

    1. So this first one definitely necessitates a double-take...

    2. And this one will make you go "WAIT—oh"...

    3. We promise this isn't as gruesome as it might look upon first glance...

    4. And no, unfortunately, this is not the Human Torch caught on camera:

    5. You wouldn't be the first to think that there was a cat at this concert...

    6. These are... not pastries...

    7. And there is only ONE towel in this pic, we promise.

    8. This is a lawn and not, apparently, a killer concert...

    9. And as far as we know, this is not the first sighting of the world's first invisible car:

    10. Honestly, we wish this pizza were **that** big...

    11. And okay real talk, did anyone else get Mark Zuckerberg vibes from this?

    12. These are not flying ships:

    13. And this is not a magic carpet sighting:

    14. That is not a butt, so get your mind out of the gutter:

    15. Those are not chickens, weirdly:

    16. And these are not ducks!

    17. This dog is actually probably perfectly fine...

    18. And okay, this just makes our head hurt:

    19. We wouldn't blame you if you saw this and thought, okay, so this is it, huh:

    20. And why does this cat look like a freakin' raven though??

    21. Meanwhile, why does this bag look like a cat?

    22. And why does this dog look absolutely house-sized?

    23. There is a weird nose situation going on here...

    24. But who sawed off parts of this chair?

    25. And where are these five bald people go—oh.

    26. Sorry, but this is not the latest NASA launch site:

    27. Aaaand this is not a shot of Jupiter, sadly:

    This post was translated from German.