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    27 Confusing Photos Which Will Make You Cringe, Then Laugh

    This is gonna get weird, folks.

    1. So this first one definitely necessitates a double-take...

    DeadliftEveryDay / Via

    2. And this one will make you go "WAIT—oh"...

    Dvfreeman1990 / Via

    3. We promise this isn't as gruesome as it might look upon first glance...

    BunnyAdorbs / Via

    4. And no, unfortunately, this is not the Human Torch caught on camera:

    Glihhh / Via

    5. You wouldn't be the first to think that there was a cat at this concert...

    ecd4517 / Via

    6. These are... not pastries...

    Shnazzyone / Via

    7. And there is only ONE towel in this pic, we promise.

    hoopderscotch / Via

    8. This is a lawn and not, apparently, a killer concert...

    TomBytheway / Via

    9. And as far as we know, this is not the first sighting of the world's first invisible car:

    Vatramint / Via

    10. Honestly, we wish this pizza were **that** big...

    Bronson2017 / Via

    11. And okay real talk, did anyone else get Mark Zuckerberg vibes from this?

    flyingfrig / Via /comments/98m1f9/mark_zuckerberg_at_home_sick_in_bed/

    We won't tell if you won't.

    12. These are not flying ships:

    AntonioFlores1 / Via

    13. And this is not a magic carpet sighting:

    tronx69 / Via

    14. That is not a butt, so get your mind out of the gutter:

    plasticparr0t / Via

    15. Those are not chickens, weirdly:

    Flaming_Ice_ / Via

    16. And these are not ducks!

    rayneraynedrops / Via

    17. This dog is actually probably perfectly fine...

    cullenscottt / Via

    18. And okay, this just makes our head hurt:

    pagodelucia123 / Via

    19. We wouldn't blame you if you saw this and thought, okay, so this is it, huh:

    xX69YOTE96Xx / Via

    20. And why does this cat look like a freakin' raven though??

    jesusgains / Via

    21. Meanwhile, why does this bag look like a cat?

    CoCGamer / Via

    22. And why does this dog look absolutely house-sized?

    pujia47 / Via

    23. There is a weird nose situation going on here...

    BunnyAdorbs / Via

    24. But who sawed off parts of this chair?

    thegoatiedoodie / Via

    25. And where are these five bald people go—oh.

    Mr_Malvic / Via

    26. Sorry, but this is not the latest NASA launch site:

    jeyzed / Via

    27. Aaaand this is not a shot of Jupiter, sadly:

    YoshiPuffin3 / Via

    This post was translated from German.