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    17 Optical Illusions That Your Brain Just Isn't Ready To Handle

    Mind. Boggled.

    1. For starters, this is a picture of two perfectly round circles — and believe it or not, they don't touch! 😳

    Here's proof:

    2. Now, what if we told you that this is a perfectly still image?? It's not moving, we swear!

    3. Would you believe us if we said that all of these rows are parallel?

    Here's more proof!

    4. Here's something even crazier: All of these lines are either perfectly parallel or perpendicular.

    Proof: 😂

    5. Here's something kind of crazy: If you cover up the center of this GIF, it feels like you're moving faster. If you cover the left and right side of the GIF, it feels like you're slowing down.

    6. This picture contains 16 giant circles. Can you find them?

    Here's some help: 😁

    7. Plus, there are 12 black dots in this picture, but your brain won't let you see them all at once.

    8. Speaking of dots, how many black dots can you find in this picture?

    9. Can you tell which pair of nuns is the smallest here?

    Surprise! They're all the same size!

    10. This is a Fraser spiral, except of course, it's not a spiral at all. It's actually a bunch of individual circles — can you see them?

    Here, let us help:

    11. Speaking of spirals, can you believe that none of these lines intersect??

    12. And holy shit: The farther away you are from this picture, the better you can read it:

    13. This is just a plain gray bar in the center of this picture — with no gradient. We promise!

    14. And while we're at it: NONE of these individual squares have a gradient! 😱

    15. OK, here's an important question: Which two lines connect behind the rectangle to form a straight line?

    It's the red and black one!

    16. And again, we're being completely honest here — this is a static image. There's absolutely no movement. NONE AT ALL!

    17. And finally, all of these horizontal lines are wavy, not zigzag.


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    This post was translated from German.