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    21 Photos That You'll Need To Look At Twice To Truly Understand Them

    You'll know it when you see it.

    1. This is not a photo of a giant playing handball.

    2. And that is not a shadow of a guy getting a blow job. We're pretty sure.

    3. This is not a dude's shoulder as seen from the side. We promise.

    4. And these two pictures are the exact same photo, if you can believe it.

    5. This is not a teeny little iPhone for elves...

    6. And one of these is not a student here:

    7. Can you find the person in this photo?

    8. And can you believe that there is no body of water in this pic?

    9. One woman in this photo is wearing a skirt:

    10. And there is supposedly a sniper in this pic. Can you see them?

    11. And can you find the cigar in this pic?

    12. That rock is actually sitting in the water...

    13. And these legs are either very shiny or just covered in white paint:

    14. This is an actual, un-photoshopped photo:

    15. And this is not a photo of a three-legged person:

    16. We're not even sure we fully understand this one...

    17. Now, let's look reaaaaally closely at what those people are stuffing into the cannon back there...


    18. And not to scare you, but someone's watching you in this pic.

    19. Here we have another awkward shadow situation:

    20. And finally, let's just appreciate this champ right here.

    21. And maybe take a closer look at this pillow print, yeah?


    The third image in this list is, in fact, a butt. An earlier version of this story mislabeled it as a man’s shoulder.

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    This post was translated from German.