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    25 Marvel Memes That Will Never Stop Being ~Infinitely~ Hilarious

    Spoilers (but also laughs) ahead!

    While there are definitely parts of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that are extremely ~make-believe~, there are also parts that are relatable AF, as documented by these great memes:

    1. This one, which is for everyone who thought they'd be living that Tony Stark life for SURE:

    thorsmjolnir1 / Via

    2. This one that just emphasizes how adorable Thor is, tbqh:

    The_Champ99 / Via

    3. This one, for all the geometry nerds out there:

    sodium_hater / Via

    4. And this one's for all the EXTREMELY diehard fans. You know who you are.

    ismailyazici / Via

    5. All Hawkeye fans will extremely approve of this one:

    steambotwolf / Via

    6. This one's extremely not wrong:

    damnboi911 / Via

    7. All Marvel movie-goers know this one to be true, too:

    jensyao / Via

    8. This one hits a little too close to home:

    theghostofperdition / Via

    9. And this one will be extremely validating for anyone who's had the exact same thought:

    yeelegacy1 / Via

    10. Admit it: you thought about this, too, when it happened:

    damnboi911 / Via

    11. This one's dark and also sad:

    12. Again: not not true...

    13. Is this one too soon???

    Fozziemandias / Via

    14. This is true for people who are Thanos and also people are not Thanos:

    Mrblueskys225 / Via

    15. And fans of "Daredevil" will appreciate this one:

    16. This one's an obligatory dig at DC Comics, because you know we had to:

    chariboi / Via

    17. This one makes an important point:

    Pringler96 / Via

    18. This one's for all the Thor stans and no one else:

    EpicDeathKick / Via

    19. This one'll get you good and ready for summer:

    Pringler96 / Via

    20. This one'll really make you wonder what villain Marvel could be cooking up next:

    21. This one reflects an important lesson we all learned as kids:

    Mrblueskys225 / Via

    22. This one explains a lot, actually:

    23. And this one is a REAL mood because CAN WE PLEASE HURRY IT UP YOU GUYS??

    24. This one's just *chef's kiss* perfect:

    25. And finally, this one's just absolutely spot-on. Well done, Marvel fans. Well done.

    parrurox / Via

    BRB can't wait for Avengers: Endgame, which hits theaters April 26!!

    This post was translated from German.