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Will This Be Your Best School Year Ever?

It's the dawn of a new era!

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    Check off every statement that applies to you.

    Check off every statement that applies to you.

    I've grown a lot since last semester.
    I am, like, basically a brand new person.
    Everyone is going to notice how much I've changed.
    I'm going to have a fresh new style.
    I'm going to dress well every day, and really put in an effort.
    I've got nice new shoes.
    I've got a cool new hairstyle.
    I've got amazing new clothes in general.
    I'm making bold fashion decisions that suit me perfectly.
    I look fantastic. Everyone will know it.
    I'm going to be outgoing and make lots of new friends.
    I'm going to make all kinds of friends, and not just stick to one crowd.
    I'm going to actually be popular.
    I'm going to really put myself out there.
    I'm going to push myself to be less shy.
    I'm going to flirt more.
    I'm going to go on actual dates.
    I'm definitely going to hook up.
    I'm going to totally get a "significant other."
    I'm going to really apply myself.
    I'm going to get really good grades.
    Like, better than ever before.
    I've got fresh pens and notebooks, with which I will WRITE MY FUTURE.
    I've got a fresh new computer.
    And devices. Cool new devices with cool apps.
    I’m not going to wait till the last minute to get my projects done.
    I’m going to make a study schedule and stick to it.
    Flash cards? Yeah, I’ll make and use them.
    I’m going to do all the extra credit offered.
    I’m going to organize a study group.
    When it comes time to do group projects, I’m going to be a leader.
    I’m going to learn a new language.
    I’m going to be really really organized.
    I’m going to join so many extracurriculars.
    I'm going to join at least one club.
    I'm going to go out for a team.
    I'm going to push myself to become a better athlete.
    I’m going to volunteer after school.
    I'm going to learn how to play an instrument.
    I'm going to join a band and people will be like "you're in a band, that's cool."
    I'm going to go to more parties.
    I'm going to go to more parties, and it won't affect my grades.
    In fact, I’m going to throw a party and it’s going to be the best party of the year.
    My awesome party totally won’t wreck the house.
    Or get busted by cops.
    I’m going to get enough sleep.
    I’m not going to stay up until 3 a.m. watching Netflix.
    I’m really going to set myself up for a bright and promising future.
    This is going to be MY year!

Will This Be Your Best School Year Ever?

You've got this! You're going to make it all happen, and you are going to SHINE.

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