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Is Eggnog Delicious Or Disgusting?

This is the definitive poll. Make your opinion known.

Every holiday season, a battle rages at parties and family gatherings around the world: Is eggnog gross, or nah?

And, of course, a secondary question: What is eggnog, actually?

Well, that's an easy one to answer.

Eggnog is a creamy drink made out of milk and/or cream, whipped eggs, sugar, and spices like nutmeg and cinnamon. It's usually mixed with a spirit like bourbon, rum, or brandy, but some people drink it without alcohol.

So it's basically like a cross between pumpkin pie, a vanilla milkshake, and a glass of whisky.

Your vote matters! It will help determine whether or not we, as a people, should continue the holiday tradition of serving eggnog.