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  • Why Australia Is Scared Of Adam Goodes

    If you have any kind of connection to Australia through friends or relatives, you would know that right now the whole nation appears to be fixated on an issue that on the surface looks extremely minor but is just one step away from escalating into a complete racial war. This article will help people outside of Australia understand what its really all about.

  • Indigenous Republic Of Australia - Citizenship Test

    Indigenous Australia is fast moving towards an Independent republic and we would like to create a citizenship test (just like the current govt’s citizenship test) to see if people have knowledge, and respect in order to have a true connection to our land. This Quiz was put together by the team at Blackfulla Revolution: This test will also give you an idea of how much you really know about the land you call (or would like to call) home. This week is NAIDOC week, its a great time to share this around to test your friends and families.

  • 10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn’t Want You To Know

    When you think of dream destinations and places you would like to live, many people think of Australia! A beautiful country indeed with a clean image, no wars and a stable society. But scratch the surface and what you will find will shock you. Here is just 10 of Australia’s darkest secrets! Please support the fight for justice and Aboriginal Independence at BLACKFULLA REVOLUTION on Facebook:

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