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    10 Dark Secrets Australia Doesn't Want You To Know

    When you think of dream destinations and places you would like to live, many people think of Australia! A beautiful country indeed with a clean image, no wars and a stable society. But scratch the surface and what you will find will shock you. Here is just 10 of Australia's darkest secrets! Please support the fight for justice and Aboriginal Independence at BLACKFULLA REVOLUTION on Facebook:

    1. Highest rates of Child suicide in the world

    2. Worlds lowest life expectancy rates

    3. Black Imprisonment rates 5-8 times higher than in South Africa during Apartheid

    4. First attempt at Genocide

    5. Second attempt at Genocide (Breeding us out)

    6. War & Massacres

    7. Australia Day is Invasion day

    8. No Democracy for Blacks

    9. The Final Attempt at Genocide Happening Right Now

    10. Government censoring (My story)

    Nothing can stand against the truth

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