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    Indigenous Republic Of Australia - Citizenship Test

    Indigenous Australia is fast moving towards an Independent republic and we would like to create a citizenship test (just like the current govt's citizenship test) to see if people have knowledge, and respect in order to have a true connection to our land. This Quiz was put together by the team at Blackfulla Revolution: This test will also give you an idea of how much you really know about the land you call (or would like to call) home. This week is NAIDOC week, its a great time to share this around to test your friends and families.

    1. 1. In what state would you find the most Yamatji people?

      The lands of the Yamatji people cover an area the size of Western Europe. Where is it?

    2. 2. What does Cronulla mean?

      Every proud Aussie knows where Cronulla is. What does Cronulla mean?

    3. 3. In what month is Mabo day celebrated?

      Everyone knows who Mabo is. What month do we celebrate his achievements?

    4. 4. What does NAIDOC mean?

      NAIDOC is one of the biggest occasions on the Indigenous calendar. What does NAIDOC mean?

    5. 5. What colours are found in the Torres Strait flag?

      Everyone knows what colours the Aboriginal flag is but what about the other official Indigenous flag (Torres Strait Islands flag)

    6. 6. What state or territory has the highest population of Aboriginal people?

    7. 7. Which of the following animals should never be eaten?

    8. 8. Who was the first Aboriginal to win an Olympic gold medal?

    9. 9. Which of the following was NOT invented by Aboriginal people?

    10. 10. Which of the following weapons is the fastest?

    11. 11. How do Aboriginal people traditionally navigate on land?

    12. 12. What did Prime Minister Kevin Rudd apologise for?

      This day is now known as sorry day

    13. 13. What is Wave Hill Cattle Station most famous for?

    14. 14. Which of the following people is NOT a famous Aboriginal person?

    15. 15. Which of the following is NOT an Aboriginal language group?

      The 3 language groups listed are very large language groups.

    16. 16. Who am i?

      Everyone has seen his face, who is he?

    17. 17. Which 3 countries are closest to Australia?

      Always good to know your neighbours

    18. 18. Which sport did the first all Aboriginal sports team play internationally?

    19. 19. In Canberra there is a protest site that has been running for over 40 years.

      What is it called?

    20. 20. Which of the following place names is NOT an Aboriginal word?

    21. 21. Which of the following is NOT true?

    22. 22. What is this baby sleeping on?

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