Japanese ROFLcat Toy

This is a cat toy I found on the magical Miyajima Island of Japan, home to sacred shrines and awesome cat toys.

Peggy on Tour • 8 years ago

Cyclops Baby

A photo found from a medical case report of agnathia holoprosencephaly complex.

Peggy on Tour • 9 years ago

Travel Pussy UNBOXED!!!

We bought a travel pussy from a vending machine in a German gas station to go with that vibrating cockring. I was kind of expecting something a little more high-tech, but this'll do, I guess.

Peggy on Tour • 9 years ago


Our drummer Kurt took this photo from his drumset right before we were about to play at the Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona. Mostly we've been playing small clubs around Europe, so taking the stage and seeing this crowd of people was pretty surreal. About 15 feet behind this audience is the ocean. This was probably one of the most fun nights of my entire life. It involved dropping lots of acid and Jarvis Cocker! No, just kidding, but seeing Saint Etienne was totally epic, and walking by the water eating nachos at 3am was cool, too.

Peggy on Tour • 9 years ago

Buckfast Wine

This 15% alcohol fortified wine made by Benedictine monks will get you waaaaaasted (gaysted?)! We know, we had some in Glasgow, Scotland. It also has really good wasted nicknames, like "Commotion Lotion" and "Wreck-the-hoose Juice."

Peggy on Tour • 9 years ago

Ask ChaCha!

Text ChaCha a random question and post the answer that you get back. We want to believe in the infinite wisdom of ChaCha!

Peggy on Tour • 9 years ago