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One Night in Paris

I finally got eiffel-towered!

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  • We played on a boat called Le Batofar. I think a lot of docking goes on here, if you know what I mean. Dock rock!

  • This was the crowd of cute French people at the show.

  • I didn't realize I was wearing a t-shirt that said BONJOUR on it. Faux pas!

  • Kurt and I DJed at the afterparty. We played everything from Jordy (one of our main influences) to Aztec Camera. I <3 Jordy so much!!!! It's hard being a baby.

  • A bunch of other bands were playing the same night in Paris: Crystal Antlers, Women, Deerhunter, and Vivian Girls. Here's everyone at the Eiffel Tower. It was like a class field trip! But with more high-fiving.

  • And here it is. So much docking and eiffel-towering in one night. Thanks to Kurt for taking the photos.