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Summer Reading

I'm literate! Here's what I'm reading in the van when not staring out the window and thinking about nothing.

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  • I discovered this author Margaret Drabble when I found all these 1960s British Penguin Classics at a library in Cambridge during our December UK tour with the Wedding Present. She basically writes about how terrible marriage is, but from the perspective of a really relatable female character. The protagonist is negative, over-analytical, and constantly complicating things in her head while the male characters are content to be completely oblivious. Anyway, I first read The Garrick Year on our last tour, and I happened to find this book, A Summer Birdcage at a novelty thrift store in Manchester. I rarely find authors that I really love these days because I'm so particular about writing style and subject matter, but I've got a bit of an obsession with Margaret Drabble.

  • This is the other book I'm reading.