• 1. Wi-Fi Warfare

    This fast-paced combat game is very similar to a free online combat game called SOLDAT from Poland, but less graphically intense. Two words: ROCKET BOOTS!

  • 2. Sky Burger

    Catching falling hamburger ingredients from the sky is weirdly addictive, much like eating Whoppers.

  • 3. ScribBall

    An insanely addictive game for the non-gaming gamer that involves popping rainbow-colored bubbles. This is the romantic comedy of games, because your girlfriend will like it, too.

  • 4. iShoot

    his game is strongly influenced by an early 90s DOS game, Scorched Earth, but with more realistic terrains and backgrounds. Now that grunge is back, I think I feel an MS-DOS revival coming on.

  • 5. Light Wars

    It’s supposed to look like a vector game from the 80s but with modern particle effects (Kurt claims that any game nerd will know what this means, when I looked at him puzzlingly).

  • 6. Eye vs Eye

    This two-player color-matching competition is basically a graphic designer’s wet dream of a game. If you’d rather play with Pantone cards than have sex or eat ice cream, this is the game for you!

  • 7. Cuorbs

    Color-changing squares. It’ll take you to the Stone Zone!

  • 8. Adrenaline

    Alex says “I’ve literally never been more stressed out in my life than when playing this game, both physically and mentally. i almost broke down. This game is more stressful than impending unemployment, a taxing breakup, death in the family, etc.” It’s addictive, if you love being miserable! Which is probably most of the people who like our band.

  • 9. Mino

    Tetris but with net play and two modes, standard and glacier.

  • 10. 7 Colors

    A classic two-player Commodore 64 game that’s “kind of stupid” but a fun mix of strategy and luck. Good hangover game when you’re too braindead to read a book in the van.