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23 Actually Useful Skills You Can Learn In One Week While You're Stuck Inside

YouTube is your bestest friend.

These past few weeks have undoubtedly felt like years and years if you've been holed up inside.

Reddit has a great thread about skills you can learn in just one week, particularly with the help of resources like YouTube.

Some of the skills below do require materials, but most of them don't!

1. Lockpicking.

View this video on YouTube

"It's one of those skills that takes a moment to learn but a lifetime to perfect. Think of it like cooking - just because you can make a mean grilled cheese or scramble some eggs doesn't mean you're ready to take over for Gordon Ramsay. But it's definitely a satisfying thing to learn." - Reddit user has a bunch of beginner lockpicking sets.

2. Figuring out how to open a door with a credit card.

View this video on YouTube

This could come in handy one day....

3. How to sew.

View this video on YouTube

"Good skill to have for simple clothes repairs, can extend the life of many favorite garments by years." - Creative_Recover

Chances are, you might already have a sewing kit at home, but never quite mastered the most useful techniques required to mend a tear or hem the length of a garment.

4. Learning Morse Code in less than a day with this Google experiment.

Hopefully you'll never need to actually use it.

5. Raising an eyebrow.

"So, I did it by holding down one eyebrow with my hands rather hard and raising the other. That way, you know how it feels and what muscles you have to use. Do it a little every day, just to get yourself used to the feeling. You'll find that soon enough, you can do it without the hand, and bam! As of now, I can only do it while squinting a little, but with more work, I'll be able to lose the squint." - General_Silverini

6. Knitting.

View this video on YouTube

"I picked it up yesterday and I already made a washcloth in less than 6h." - sneezypeasyqueezy

7. And of course, how to crochet, which is a little easier than knitting.

View this video on YouTube

Now is the time to create your own crocheted Joe Exotic figure.

8. Learning basic sign language.

View this video on YouTube

9. Getting better at cocktails.

"Do you have a pint glass? Or any glass that holds a pint? Do you have a spoon? A normal, adult spoon? Do you have a knife? Any size that's not a joke? Do you have booze? Do you have ice?

"Congratulations, you have a bartending kit. You can execute 90% of all cocktails with these tools. Things that are typically shaken can actually be stirred. They won't be perfect, but they'll taste so close to right that you'll know if you did the cocktail right and if you like it. Cocktailing is like most other hobbies: it can be done with $15 worth of tools or with $1500 worth of tools, and largely the quality of the results will have more to do with the skill of the person rather than the expense of the tools." - CowboyLaw

Thank god all the liquor stores are still open!

10. Drawing.

11. Learning the Korean, Cyrillic, or Greek alphabet.

"You can learn to 'read' (be able to pronounce) Cyrillic in an afternoon. Obviously you won't know WHAT you're reading but it's a cool thing to be able to do, even if you don't learn Russian." - Underbash

12. Learning a few chords on the guitar.

View this video on YouTube

"You can become an amateur guitarist in a week. Just learn G,C,D and Em, and you can play hundreds of songs with just those 4 chords. There are plenty of videos out there showing what songs you can play with them." - skf1997

14. Cooking.

This is an obvious one, but we recommend the Tasty 101 series on YouTube to learn how to make the cinnamon rolls, the creamiest cheesecake, and the most foolproof roast chicken.

15. Teaching yourself some beginner coding by starting with Python (one of the funner and easier languages to pick up).

View this video on YouTube

"Python is a relatively 'easy' programming language to get into. There are a couple of easy courses which you can take to get started. Even if it's just writing a short 'hello, world' program, it might give you some insight into how computers and programs work." - iuri_archer

"Codecademy get some exposure to code for free. Seriously I don't code most of their languages but I found it extremely useful." - runninginthedark

16. Magic tricks with cards.

View this video on YouTube

"Start with the 'Forced Card' technique. Trust me, it's the easiest technique to learn and most of playing card magic is based on this. There are different techniques, learn a few of them. Then it opens up the door for everything else as you suddenly realize how things are done." - AJAYMC

17. Learning basic drumming rhythms, no drumset required.

View this video on YouTube

"I made bongo drums out of an empty quart size yogurt container and an empty oatmeal box duct taped together, and I'm teaching myself drum rhythms using YouTube tutorials, because I was watching too much Netflix." - chellya2 (BuzzFeed user)

18. Trying some new techniques to make your Instagram photos prettier.

View this video on YouTube

True story, I downloaded the Facetune app once to edit a photo and was completely mindboggled. I was too impatient to play around with it and figure it out, but now that I've got all this time on my hands....

19. Basic video editing.

View this video on YouTube

"If you're really dedicated and watch a lot of tutorials, I think you can even get to a ridiculously high level (see Insomnish on YouTube)." - Basti52522

20. Bread making.

View this video on YouTube

Here is a mesmerizing video inspire and titillate you.

21. Cursive writing.

View this video on YouTube

22. Pickling, especially if you're looking for ways to make your groceries last longer.

View this video on YouTube

The most basic recipes require things you typically already have in your pantry.

23. And if you need more ideas, check out Mike Boyd's YouTube channel.

See how he learned to throw cards, hold his breath for four minutes, and split an apple with his bare hands.

Tell us in the comments: How are you staying productive at home?

Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.