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    People Tried This Viral Hand-Drawing Hack, And The Results Are Shameful

    "I feel lied to." —All of Twitter, more or less

    The other day, Twitter account @SatisfyingDaily posted this rather ~satisfying~ video of a hand-drawing hack:

    The video shows how to quickly draw a person’s hand — and they make it look pretty easy, right?

    Well, Twitter would beg to differ:

    @SatisfyingDaily Nah.... They made it look so easy.... Wth is this


    Nelson, for one, feels "lied to":

    And ✨Unbothered✨ sadly agreed:

    But honestly, I love these.

    And ya know what? I'm proud of Twitter for giving it a go.

    They really gave it their all!!! I mean, look at this knuckle detail!!!!!!!!!!!

    And this...................!

    "If at first you don't succeed, try, try again." —Gandhi, I think

    And adding this signature? Iconic!!!!!!

    Good job, guys.

    @SatisfyingDaily Pretty sure I killed it.

    I will also deem this "close enough."

    In conclusion:

    Did you give this hand-drawing hack a try?! If you did, leave your attempt in the dropbox below!!! We need to see this.