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16 Things You Didn't Know Your New iPhone Could Do

Take advantage of all the (literally) bigger and better features right at your fingertips.

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3. You can actually see which apps are draining your battery now.

Peggy Wang

Just go to your Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. Kill off whatever dumb thing that's eating up all that battery life.


4. You can now take and send audio and video that self-destruct in two minutes via iMessage by holding down the camera or microphone icons.

A little circular menu will pop up, letting you record your message, so you can send a snippet from the Kanye concert that your friend is having supreme FOMO about.

Warning: Just make sure you don't send an accidental selfie with this feature. IT HAPPENED TO ME.

7. Drag down on an iMessage notification instead of tapping it — you can reply right then and there.

Peggy Wang

If you get alerts instead of banners, you can also quick-reply to a text by hitting the "reply" button — no need to go back into the Messages app.


10. You can access emergency medical information from the passcode screen.

From the passcode screen, tap "Emergency" and then "*Medical ID" to access.

You'll have to set up your medical profile first by going to the new Health app and tapping the "Medical ID" link in the lower righthand corner. Add pertinent information like blood type and allergies.

11. Quickly send another iMessage user your exact location.

Peggy Wang

Just hit the "Details" link in the upper righthand corner of your message. It's at least two steps less than dropping and sending a pin.


13. The Health app tracks all of your motion, including flights climbed, and easily syncs up with popular fitness apps like MyFitnessPal.

Peggy Wang

On the iPhone 6, the battery is 50% more efficient, which means that this kind of constant motion tracking will NOT drain your battery the way it would on your 5s.

16. In the Camera app, hold on the "photo" button to go into burst mode. It'll take a bunch of photos at once — perfect for capturing fidgety kids and spazzy pets.

Peggy Wang / BuzzFeed

Once you've taken a series of photos using burst mode, go into the photo roll. Choose the photo stack and hit "select" to pick the ones you actually want to keep.

This right here is my spazzy pet. Her name is Ramona.