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    Here's How To Make Sure Your Phone Never Types "Ducking" Again

    Make sure your Autocorrect knows you're trying to drop F-bombs.

    Hey, you know that thing where you try to type "fucking" while you're texting, but your phone changes it to "ducking" because of autocorrect?

    It's even worse when you're trying to chew someone out and it totally undermines you.

    Autocorrect. When you have an angry reply and hit send and realize you said ducking instead of fucking and now it completely ruined the moment.

    But it's about to be 2020. New year, new you. So let's make sure this annoying autocorrect quirk never happens to you again. If you have an iPhone, go into your Settings, then go to General.

    Then, go to Keyboard.

    That'll take you to this menu, where you'll select Text Replacement.

    Once you're in the Text Replacement menu, tap on the little plus sign in the top right corner.

    Then, put "fucking" (without quotation marks) in the Phrase field. You can leave the Shortcut field empty. Hit Save.

    Ta-da! Now you can swear to your heart's content. Create another Text Replacement for "fuck" if that always turns into "duck" as well.

    Now this will never be you again. You're welcome: