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8 Reasons Why Kim Kardashian's Fame Is Waning

She's seemed, for a while, like a reality star that would do what extraordinarily few reality stars manage to do: stay super famous indefinitely, possibly forever. But despite her high-profile relationship with critical darling and overall amusing hip personality Kanye West, Kim's career just might go the way of Paris Hilton's instead of Beyoncé's, after all.

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1. She hasn't changed her look. Like, at all.

Here's a photo taken from her Twitter with the caption: "Longer & lighter hair for the summer... do you like?" This is newsworthy? I must have missed the part where she flew into a Britney-style fit of rebellion and shaved her head. Because — oh, right — the edgiest/most transformational thing she's ever done is extend her hair three inches, right before getting what was probably a $1k salon job to lighten it just half a shade.

Celebrity haircuts and dye jobs certainly qualify as headlines in the internet age, but if you don't have a reputation for making surprising style statements, eventually audiences stop clicking. If Kim actually did something noticeably different with her look — like Miley, to pinpoint a recent example — we might start clicking on headlines about her again. Which brings me to my next point...

3. Kim doesn't sell magazine covers.

"According to a new 'Wetpaint Entertainment' report released on Aug. 10, Kim graced the covers of both Allure magazine and Glamour magazine, which both had horrible months when Kim was on the cover. The report reveals that Kim herself is responsible for selling the least amount of copies of both magazines," writes the

Kim has a fervent fan base, but she plays it incredibly safe in terms of the things she talks about. Also, she has no specific craft or talent, no exciting forthcoming movie or hotly anticipated album, to highlight. You could say the same thing about Lauren Conrad, but she's turned herself into a role model for millions of young women with lots of DIY and beauty tips to offer. Also, she's at least stepped up her style game.


5. She spreads herself too thin.

Trying to have a hand in every pot eventually means that you won't have a hand in any, and she risks turning that corner with every new business endeavor. Think of Mariah Carey's Glitter or Paris Hilton's singing career. Kim has dabbled in music, film, TV, dancing, fragrance, and fashion, and yet she hasn't attained any kind of critical success in any of those things.

6. She doesn't even have an ironic following.

Any low-brow pop culture phenomenon (think Jersey Shore, Ke$ha, Taylor Swift) comes with some degree of "it's so bad, it's good." There's an element of the unexpected: Ke$ha's a certified musical genius (she wrote the Britney hit "Til the World Ends") while Taylor Swift sings relatable loser anthems about feeling inadequate. New York Magazine's attempt to paint her as some sort of outsider to the fashion world doesn't induce pity or make her look like a victim. Perhaps irony compelled them to put her on the cover of their fall fashion issue with the tagline, "Does Kim Kardashian Belong On The Cover of a Fashion Magazine?" But if it was irony, it was lost on the general public. Their audience seemed genuinely outraged and confused (check out the comments).

7. The women (and men) of Pinterest can't stand her.

Pinterest is like a cross-section of American women. One cursory glance at the "popular" page and you can instantly gauge on where the average woman's wants, needs, and tastes lie. If Kim's one redeeming quality is that she's found a way to market and appeal to the masses, the Pinterest hate forbodes that any public fascination is imminently slipping away.