31 Random Things Instagram Reveals About London Fashion Week

London’s runways are less boring than New York Fashion Week, so it’s only natural to expect a little more pizzazz from them. Just check the #lfw tag for more snaps from this crazy spectacle.

1. People hid from Fashion Week in giant designer shopping bags.

2. Latex non-humans took up valuable front-row real estate.

From the Jeffrey Michael show.

Oh wait, she’s real.

3. People expressed their self-awareness on their t-shirts.

I feel you, girl!

4. Someone wore normal-person shoes on the runway.

These Reeboks are totally weird in their utter normalness.

5. D’arcy from the Smashing Pumpkins showed up.

Just kidding, she’s just a very uncanny doppleganger.

6. A French bulldog was forced to man the phones at a PR office.

7. Some poor woman was subjected to a “triangle perm.”

8. People got hurt.

And lived to laugh about it. (She got hit by a taxi.)

9. It was also London Ferret Week.

10. Unlikely friendships blossomed in the front row.

Dita Von Teese and Harry from One Direction at Burberry.

11. Some handbag designer thought it’d be amusing to use plastic gnomes instead of models.

They did eye the cake, though.

12. Toddlers showed up in leather jackets.

Future NME cover right here.

13. Fashion Week attendees really got into the Halloween spirit.

It’s still six weeks away!

These two people forget to call each other before showing up in the same sweater.

Oh hey, it’s Alexa Chung!

14. Olivia Palermo wore a baggy shirt.

What’s next for her?? TLC overalls? A boiler suit?

15. Tiny food was served.

Unclear how much of it was actually consumed.

16. Cara Delevingne made more derpy faces.

17. Fashion Week attendees tried to stuff as many ’90s trends into a single outfit as possible.

Statement piercings! Looks like somebody was inspired by the Grimes Dazed and Confused cover.

Gwen Stefani buns, choker.

Gwen Stefani buns, sequined yin yang jacket, Hello Kitty, AND a peace sign necklace. She wins.

18. Okay, the double buns were seriously a “thing.”

19. Some guy successfully stuffed every animal trend into a single outfit.

20. Most people just kept it at one animal trend.

21. People did turmeric facials to prepare for the camera.

Get the look! “For you to get the same skin as me, what you need to do is get a halfplate drop 1sp of Tumeric, 1Sp of Rain Forest Natural Honey also 2sp of water, mix it all up and apply it on your face with a spatular, leave it on for 20-30 Min and see for yourself how your skins feels and looks good.”

22. Vivienne Westwood wore pantyhose over her shorts.

Because if anyone can pull this off, it’s her.

23. British people have a sweet tooth.

Seriously, every British person I’ve ever met is addicted to candy.

24. A runway show spawns the best DIY hair idea ever.

Glittery ponytail from Marcus Lupfer.

25. White and red is an avant color combo.

26. New trend: photographers wearing camo.

27. A conceptual eyeliner DO.

28. A conceptual eyeliner DON’T.

29. Sequined eyeballs.

Quirky veils — could this catch on?

30. Alas, the secret to faking a Skrillex haircut!

31. Anna Wintour looking detached.

Also: fabulous.

She wore sunglasses the whole time, even in the front row, as she tends to do.

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