29 Random Things That Happened At Fashion Week, According To Instagram

A search through the #NYFW tag on Instagram reveals the real behind-the-scenes happenings of New York Fashion Week. If you’re sick of seeing pretty people wearing semi-insane outfits, you might enjoy some Fashion Week coverage that deviates from the norm.

1. A drunk guy wore an Engrish shirt.

ID: 574640

2. A chihuahua “got ready” for Fashion Week.

ID: 574663

3. Someone invented a new hair genre: literal hathead.

ID: 574685

4. Men, they wore jorts.

ID: 574687

5. There were midgets.

ID: 574697

6. Someone went on a hot date to Dallas BBQ (aka best restaurant in the world) during Fashion Week.

If you haven’t tried a Firecracker from Dallas BBQ, you haven’t lived.

ID: 574701

7. Old men wore awesome outfits.

ID: 574709

8. A corgi puppy attended.

ID: 575000

9. Bros partied with pink champagne.

ID: 575001

10. People made goofy faces.

ID: 575007

11. The artistic boundaries of juggalo makeup were finally pushed.

ID: 575029

12. Male models got naked.

Also: butt enhancing underwear was worn.

ID: 575095

13. A man stood in the smallest VIP section ever.

ID: 575160

14. People took photos with Mr. Jay.

Was he the only celebrity at this thing or what??

ID: 575303

15. The swaggest person on the planet was photographed outside of Lincoln Center.

ID: 575307

16. Kid n’ Play!!!

ID: 575310

17. People ate fattening foods.

Or, they just photographed them and walked away.

ID: 575347

18. People wore mumus.

ID: 575618

19. A smug granny DJed.

ID: 575671

20. A giant glowing dildo preceded Carolina Herrera down the runway.

ID: 575673

21. A boy band was formed at Fashion’s Night Out.

ID: 575925

22. A rival boy band was formed during lunch outside at Lincoln Center.

ID: 576506

23. Someone wore “ironic overalls” to Fashion Week.

ID: 576450

24. Meaningless “art” was on display everywhere.

ID: 575929

25. An extra from a ’90s Prodigy video showed up to the Opening Ceremony party.

ID: 575784

26. “Grunge” finally trickled down to disgruntled 8-year-olds.

ID: 576442

27. A male model emerged fresh from his mother’s womb.

New trend: the “wet” look.

ID: 576053

28. Someone forgot to put on undies.

ID: 576434

29. People sat on Anna Wintour.

ID: 576336

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