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    16 Thirstiest Anime Characters Of All Time

    The thirst has never been more real.

    16. Sakura from Naruto.

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: Sakura ended a friendship she's had since early childhood just because they developed a crush on the same guy.

    Diagnosis: Terminal thirstiness.

    15. Lupin from Lupin III

    Nippon Television Network / Via

    Reasoning: He attempts to woo every woman he meets and still persists after they turn him down.

    Diagnosis: Nonexclusive thirst.

    14. Ikuto Tsukiyomi from Shugo Chara!

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: After she found out Ikuto was sleeping outside in the cold, Amu allowed him to sleep on the floor but his thirstiness told him otherwise.

    Diagnosis: Unsolicited thirstiness.

    13. Mugen from Samurai Champloo.

    FUNimation / Via

    Reasoning: Mugen can't take the hint that the "prostitute" he took back to his room is actually a government agent that wants nothing to do with him. Getting kicked in the man parts doesn't even deter his thirst.

    Diagnosis: Clueless thirst.

    12. Miroku from Inuyasha.

    Sunrise / Via

    Reasoning: After having a heartfelt moment with his lady friend, he rubs her butt. She then follows up with a well deserved slap across his face. It's safe to say he's not getting enough to drink.

    Diagnosis: Bad timed thirst.

    11. Brock From Pokémon

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: Brock is probably the most well-known of them all. Is there a girl in the Pokémon universe that Brock hasn't thirsted after?

    Diagnosis: Mainstream thirster.

    10. Happosai from Ranma 1/2

    Fuji TV / Via

    Reasoning: All Happosai does is chase women around and stare at their lady parts.

    Diagnosis: Old man thirst.

    9. Chizuru from Bleach.

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: Chizuru has an "erotic" costume that enhances her strength whenever her opponent is a woman she's attracted to.

    Diagnosis: Superpower thirst.

    8. Sanji from One Piece.

    FUNimation / Via

    Reasoning: Sanji loses all his cool and even gets emotional when he's around a pretty face. It could be a mermaid or men in drag. You can see the thirst dripping from his eyes.

    Diagnosis: Non-discriminatory thirst.

    7. Tomoko Kuroki from Watamote

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: Tomoko's mind is always in the gutter. When any interaction with a cute guy can make you lose all composure, chances are you need a refreshment.

    Diagnosis: Dirty mind thirst.

    6. Tomoki Sakurai from Heaven's Lost Property.

    FUNimation / Via

    Reasoning: Tomoki is a teenage boy who turns chibi whenever he's stimulated — not to mention he runs around naked in those moments. Parched doesn't begin to describe his thirst.

    Diagnosis: Adolescent thirstiness.

    5. Hisoka from Hunter X Hunter

    FUNimation / Via

    Reasoning: Hisoka has multiple orgasms while getting punched in the face during a fight. Not sure if a glass of water can quench that.

    Diagnosis: Masochistic thirst.

    4. Kintaro Oe from Golden Boy.

    ADV Films / Via

    Reasoning: He once imagined a toilet was a woman giving him a golden shower. That's as literal as it can get.

    Diagnosis: Literally thirsty.

    3. Absalom from One Piece

    FUNimation / Via

    Reasoning: Absalom is the epitome of a creep. When you have zombie minions who call you “Perv-o-Leader” and “Pervsalom,” you have a low-water intake.

    Diagnosis: Creepily thirsty.

    2. Master Jiraiya from Naruto.

    TV Tokyo / Via

    Reasoning: Master Jiraiya creeps on women and claims he's doing "research" for his novel. When your reputation brands you as the "pervy sage," you probably need a couple sips of agua.

    Diagnosis: Pervy thirst.

    1. Master Roshi from Dragon Ball.

    FUNimation Entertainment / Via

    Reasoning: He is the classic perverted old man archetype. He constantly browses dirty magazines and makes sexual advances on every woman that comes to the Kame house.

    Diagnosis: OG thirst-bucket.

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