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    Posted on Sep 22, 2015

    17 Things All Twentysomethings Who Watched BET Will Never Forget

    Now you know you shouldn't have been watching BET Uncut.

    1. Watching ComicView and wishing Bruce Bruce would get his own set.

    You would catch yourself laughing harder at the impromptu jokes he made on audience members than some of the comedians' jokes.

    2. Watching Rap City solely for the ending to see your favorite rappers hit the booth.

    BET / Via

    3. And watching Big Tigger freestyle off the top of his head better than some of the guest rappers.

    BET / Via

    He always found a way to incorporate the rapper, their album, and the album release date into his freestyle.

    4. Seeing your favorite R&B groups premiere their music videos on All.

    BET / Via

    5. Cringing at Cita on Cita's World where she would add her commentary to videos and answer questions viewers would email in.

    BET / Via

    6. Settling for Teen Summit even though you really just wanted to watch some more music videos.

    BET / Via

    7. Catching secondhand embarrassment when you saw Hits harassing all the students on the HBCU campuses on Hits From The Street.

    8. Rushing home to watch 106 and Park when AJ and Free hosted it — AND wishing you could be in the studio audience.

    BET / Via

    9. Then being glued to the TV because you knew you were going to hear some crazy freestyles during the Freestyle Friday segment.

    10. Feeling lucky to see your favorite artists perform AND do interviews in the same episode on Planet Groove.

    11. Trying to guess the lineup for BET's Top 25, and always getting it wrong.

    BET / Via

    12. Being shocked when you saw that the King of 106 and Park himself grew before your eyes with every appearance on 106.

    BET / Via

    Back when he was still Lil' Bow Wow.

    13. Realizing you were witnessing history on the BET Awards tribute videos and performances.

    14. Never being able to wake up on Sunday without hearing various gospel songs playing from Bobby Jones Gospel.

    BET / Via

    15. Feeling like you were actually on set when you were watching behind the scenes footage on Access Granted.

    16. Bracing yourself for the slower jamz you knew were about to come on when you saw the Midnight Love intro.

    BET / Via

    17. And staying up late to watch all the cheap and poorly shot music videos on BET Uncut even though you knew damn well you shouldn't be.

    BET / Via

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