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    18 People Who Probably Wanted To Crawl Under A Rock After Accidentally Texting Their Parents


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community the worst accidental texts they've sent to their parents. Here are the horrifying results.

    1. This girl who sent her mom a text meant for her sister [about her partner]:


    2. The woman who drunkenly texted her mom instead of her booty call:

    3. This girl who used the voice-to-text function while driving:

    4. This woman who was talking shit about her dad and texted it to him:

    5. This woman who complained to her mom about how expensive STD testing is:

    6. The person who sent a horny text to her confused father instead of her boyfriend:


    7. The girl whose mom probably thinks her daughter loves Cheerios too much because of the voice-to-text function:

    8. This girl who decided to address the rumors of a mysterious couch stain in the wrong group text:

    9. The daughter whose autocorrect fail probably freaked her dad out:

    10. The angsty teenage text everyone has sent their friend at least once talking shit about their parents:

    11. The daughter who accidentally sexted her mom:

    12. This mom's peek into her child's fellatio barter system:


    13. The probably not OK text for a mom to receive:

    14. The totally chill parent you wish you had if you sent her a sext meant for your S.O.:

    15. The two-for-one special:


    16. This text about emergency contraception:

    17. Proof that less is probably more when drunk-texting your mom:

    18. Finally, this amazing moment where the mom actually sent a thirsty AF text to her kid:

    Note: Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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