Which New “Doctor Who” Companion Are You?

EVERYONE GET IN THE TARDIS. Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, Rory, Clara, Jack, and River too… oh my!

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  1. 1. What's your ideal Friday night?
    BBC One
    1. A rollicking 1920s-themed party. Big band. Free-flowing champagne.
    2. A dance club with the girls, a greasy pizza, and a sleepover.
    3. The local trivia night.
    4. An evening baking and reading.
    5. The pub around the corner to gossip with your friends and coworkers.
    6. Bowling and beer night.
    7. Vegas, baby!
    8. A movie night with your family and closest friends.
  2. 2. Pick a color:
  3. 3. You’re stuck on an exceedingly long car-ride. What do you bring for entertainment?
    BBC One
    1. Gossip magz.
    2. The view out the window is good enough for you!
    3. Excellent 80s sing-alongs you’ll be DJing for the car from the front seat.
    4. Nothing! But you’ll be playing FMK and would-you-rather as long as anyone will let you.
    5. You’re perfectly happy just talking, trading stories, and jokes for hours.
    6. iPod and noise-canceling headphones.
    7. Sorry but you’re driving.
    8. A good novel.
  4. 4. How would your friends describe you?
    BBC One
    1. Stubborn
    2. Determined
    3. Dependable
    4. Impulsive
    5. Curious
    6. Protective
    7. Loyal
    8. Outgoing
  5. 5. Pick a piece of art:
    1. Claude Monet / Via Musée de l'Orangerie
    2. Sandro Botticelli / Via Uffizi Gallery
    3. Andy Warhol / Via Andy Warhol Museum
    1. Pablo Picasso / Via The Met
    2. Lascaux Painting / Via bradshawfoundation.com
    3. Michelangelo / Via flickr
    1. Banksy / Via flickr
    2. John Philip Falter / Via Northwestern University Library
  6. 6. You are confronted by a mugger! What do you do?
    1. Calmly set your purse on the ground and back away carefully.
    2. Make sure nobody else nearby is in danger.
    3. Covertly slip everything out of your wallet.
    4. Throw your wallet far away from you so they have to get it, giving you room to get out.
    5. Shout for help.
    6. Ready your keys and/or pepper spray defensively.
    7. Roll your eyes.
    8. Offer to buy them a meal if they need your wallet so badly.
  7. 7. Pick a song:
    1. “I Knew You Were Trouble” - Taylor Swift
    2. “Time After Time” - Cyndi Lauper
    3. “All Star” - Smash Mouth
    1. “I Will Follow You Into The Dark” - Death Cab For Cutie
    2. “Kiss With a Fist” - Florence and the Machine
    3. “Stronger” - Britney Spears
    1. “Bad Touch” - The Bloodhound Gang
    2. “Bittersweet Symphony” - The Verve
  8. 8. You see a suspicious-looking black backpack sitting unattended at the airport, what do you do?
    BBC One
    1. Open it, borrow some cash.
    2. Quickly open it and search for an ID.
    3. Check for anything unusual. Is it ticking? Is it weirdly heavy? Open it anyway.
    4. Get anybody nearby out of the way, then open it yourself.
    5. Keep an eye on it while you call security.
    6. Ask everybody around if they’ve seen the owner.
    7. Ignore it.
    8. Get away from it.
  9. 9. Pick a drink:
    1. D. Sharon Pruitt / Via Flickr
      Strawberry Daquiri
    2. John Liu / Via Flickr: 8047705@N02
      Whiskey and Coke
    3. Mike McCune / Via Flickr
      Beers on Tap
    1. user waferboard / Via Flickr
      Scotch Neat
    2. thepismire / Via Flickr: thepismire
      A Screwdriver …No pun intended…
    3. TheCulinaryGeek / Via Flickr
      Gin Martini
    1. Paul Aloe / Via Flickr
      White Wine
    2. doniree / Via Flickr: doniree
      Red wine
  10. 10. You're invited to a potluck, what do you bring?
    BBC One
    1. The main course!
    2. A bag of Doritos or some equivalent
    3. The salad. Everyone else always forgets the salad.
    4. Those packaged sugar cookies with the pink frosting.
    5. Yourself!
    6. Home-baked cookies
    7. A slightly burnt but well-intentioned casserole
    8. A bottle of wine bought down the street literally five minutes ago
  11. 11. Which of these images scares you the most?
    1. Gert van Duinen / Via Flickr
    2. Jan Bommes / Via Flickr
    3. Petteri Sulonen / Via Flickr
    1. Jan Bommes / Via Flickr
    2. Freedom House / Via Flickr
    3. Joanna Penn / Via Flickr
    1. Hirantha Perera / Via Flickr
    2. cdogstar / Via Flickr

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