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    13 Perfect Actors Who Should Play Newt Scamander In The New "Harry Potter" Film

    As ranked by their ability to wear black and yellow.

    Last week J.K. Rowling announced she would be writing a script for Warner Bros. inspired by Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, centered around the textbook's author Newt Scamander. We don't know much about him yet, but that hasn't stopped the internet from deciding who should play him.

    We DO know he's a Hufflepuff, and that means whoever does play him has to absolutely rock the badger black & yellow. Here are our picks.

    13. Matt Smith

    12. Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

    11. Dev Patel

    10. Colin Morgan

    9. Ben Wishaw

    8. Lee Pace

    7. Tyler Brunsman

    6. Harry Styles

    5. Wiz Khalifa

    4. Jim Carrey from "The Mask"

    3. This Family-Size Box of Cheerios

    2. This Bunch of Bananas with Googly Eyes

    1. This actual Newt